“Change one thing” challenge

Look for these challenges in the weeks ahead. These are simple, effective changes we’ve made, and you can too. Please email MollyGreen@Econobusters.com or leave a comment if you have similar ideas to share.

Our winter climate can really dry out hair and skin. My daughter especially has a hard time with this. I bought one product – a jar of 100% coconut oil.  Even at my ridiculously overpriced local health food store, the jar cost about $5.00.  Coconut “oil” by the way has the consistency of shortening.  Here’s what we do with it. Straight from the jar is makes a great moisturizer for hands, face, or body. We heat a tablespoon or so (in the microwave for about 10 seconds) and use it as a fantastic hot oil treatment for hair.  My daughter spends a lot of time at riding stables. We comb the hot oil through her long hair and braid it before she heads out into the cold. It washes right out with shampoo. This has WORKED to keep her hair from drying out this winter.

Also, it’s beautiful to warm up a tablespoon or so in the microwave, and rub the oil into elbows, feet and hands, for a deep moisture treatment.  There is ONE ingredient (pure coconut oil), ONE jar that will easily last our whole family all winter, for ONE price (about $5.00). It’s simple, healthy, and cheap.  Try this instead of a boatload of chemical laden, expensive, specialty products.

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