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Now that summer is here and we are taking a break from school, I am excited to have a little extra time to spend on a couple of my hobbies again. My two favorite crafts are scrapbooking and knitting. I moved my crafting materials back up to the living room so that I can be with the family when I am scrapbooking. I had my yarn in four different baskets and wanted to be able to see all that I had easier. I found this hanging storage container at, but it was going to be over $25 with shipping. So, I decided to check out Wal-Mart’s closet storage aisle for a similar item and I found this:

It hangs like a regular hanger and so I was able to hang it from the top of my shelves like this:

You could hang your yarn ANYWHERE with this item and it was only $10! Here’s a close-up. I used one compartment to hold a bunch of my knitting and crochet needles.

Because my yarn stash is now more visible, I’ll be reminded that I need to sit down and knit in the evenings . . . I hope to learn how to knit more than just scarves this summer!  For more Works for Me ideas, visit We are That Family.

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Learning for Life-Your Child’s Education

Can your child earn a bachelor’s degree in high school? Is college overrated? Does your preschooler need a support group? What is homeschooling for Cs?

Whether you homeschool or not, you’ll especially want this real-life learning issue
. . . from preschool through high school, college and beyond!


Molly’s Money-Saving Digest-Learning for Life-Your Child’s Education.

This month Molly includes articles about education which show you what learning looks like in real life and just how enjoyable and natural it can be! You’ll also learn about money-saving ideas for college and make small changes for BIG savings, but there’s a whole lot more!

This fifth edition of Molly’s Money-Saving Digest is full of new, creative ways to provide for your family’s needs while remaining within your budget. Molly’s learning how to make the most of what she has, encouraging keepers at home in the midst of our challenging economy.

Here are just a few of the many topics you’ll explore in this Digest:

  • Get Strawberry Savvy: Begin with the Basics is jam-packed with help and ideas for a scrumptious strawberry season. Find a U-pick farm near you or grow your own. You’ll love the recipes too—Chocolate-dipped Strawberries, Basic Freezer Strawberry Jam, and more!
  • What’s on Sale in May: Check out these items for great prices this month.
  • Small Changes = Big Savings: For those who have been following along each month in Keeping it All Together, here’s another challenge for you—take a close look at where your money is really going! Find less expensive substitutes for areas where you still spend too much money. You can start with these seven areas meant to encourage you.
  • Feather Your Nest Frugally: Aubrey shares the story of her experience with homeschooling four children in seminary housing—too much packed in a tiny space! Here are some decorating ideas—on a budget of course. Before and after photos included of her new “homeschool room.” You’ll glean a lot of ideas of your own, too!
  • Reasons to Celebrate in May and June: Focusing on two special days in May—Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas and A Frugal Memorial Day Get-Together. These Mother’s Day ideas will show your children that the best gifts do not have to cost a cent! Use the reproducible blank coupon to help your child learn about giving a gift of his or her time and love. Check out the many links to further add to your celebration, and enjoy three summer salad recipes!
  • What’s One Important Lesson You Learned From Your Momma? In a tribute to mothers, here are some touching answers given to Molly regarding that question. Most of the lessons learned didn’t cost money, and weren’t based on formal instruction—some of the best lessons are “caught, not taught.” Remember your momma when you read through these inspiring responses!
  • Rebecca Shares Two Unique Projects: 1. A clever storage solution for housing wrapping paper rolls is as easy as it is ingenious. 2. A simple way to rein in pesky, accumulated ribbon rolls and get some order, to boot.
  • Goal Getter Spotlight: 1. Find out how Charlotte’s family achieved their goal of cutting back on expenses in order to live on one income. 2. Tracy shares an easy, fun, visual idea her family used to keep their financial goals on track.
  • Readers Write In: The first reader tells of God’s timely provision, and the second shares how they make a good living—no college degree required!
  • Molly’s Question of the Month: It’s a challenge to keep the family well-clothed on a budget. How do you do it? Do you have any examples, ideas, or tips to share?

Special Feature: Learning for Life: Your Child’s Education . . .

  • Preschool Pressure or Preschool Peace—Barbara Frank (author of The Imperfect Homeschooler’s Guide to Homeschooling and others) noticed the trend of moms joining homeschool support groups even though their children were under five years old. You’ll gain insight into why so many of today’s young parents are under pressure to not only send their kids to preschool at age three but to start preparing them (“readiness”) even earlier. You’ll be delighted with Barbara’s “Recipe for Preschool Peace,” but it comes with a warning—take your time!
  • An Interview with Paula and Sherri, owners of Activity Bags, LLC—Two special moms built a thriving home-based business out of a simple desire to come up with fun learning activities for their preschoolers. Have you heard of Preschool Activities in a Bag yet? You’ve got to read their amazing story!
  • Homeschooling for Cs—It’s not what you might think! Creativity, Confidence, Curiosity, Character, and Conviction are what this homeschool is all about! This is a homeschool must-read!
  • There are three guest-written pieces about post-high-school life and education: The first two recount alternatives to a college education, while the last (an interview) gives an overview of the “credit by examination” option of pursuing a college degree. Don’t lose sight of the spectrum of post-high-school opportunities either!
  • A Crucial Crossroad—A very untraditional story of Claire Novak (22) pursuing her dreams at a very young age.
  • Preparing for Adulthood—Barbara Frank, author of Life Prep for Homeschooled Teenagers shares the story of her daughter’s decision not to attend college. You’ll want to read all about how this changed her homeschool focus to one of life prep instead of college prep.
  • “CLEPping:” Is it for You?—Here’s a “CLEPping 101” conversation/interview with Diane Keith, whose children are using this alternative approach to achieve a solid college education. Don’t miss this if you have junior and senior high school age students!

What others are saying about Molly’s Money-Saving Digest for May 2009:

“Molly has delivered yet another inspiring yet ultimately practical issue dedicated to all the areas which matter most to homeschooling families, which I’m sure you’ll find well worth the cover price of $4.95!” –Michelle Smith, TOS Research Panel

“. . . my favorite issue of Molly’s Digest so far! It was encouraging and refreshing—exactly what I needed to read this week!” –April Elstrom, TOS Review Panel

Molly has a wealth of information and support to share in one easy-to-read, handy resource for an incredibly low price! At under $5, you’ll recoup the cost of this E-Book right away. And you’ll more than recover your investment as you are encouraged to keep going strong in your commitment to the Lord and your family.

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Contributing Writers: Eleanor Joyce, Kris Price
Publication: 2009
Pages: 45
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