Comfort and Joy for Christmas

With so much to do and less than a month to get it all done, this Molly’s Money-Saving Digest E-Book shows you exactly how to get those loose ends all wrapped up—in December, or any time of the year!


Get excited about giving to others! Make some spectacular gifts yourself quickly and easily. Enjoy phenomenal tips to keep the holiday season stress-free right into January as you put Molly’s ideas to good use! Return to the Digest to use them all year long.

Tucked neatly within the pages of Molly’s Digest, you’ll find truly unique, money-saving gifts to warm aching muscles or provide emergency light, bringing your thoughtfulness to mind long after Christmas. Gifts to reach the heart through taste buds—from dessert to bread and snacks, or cleaning recipes you and your gift recipients will appreciate!

As everyone thinks Christmas, Molly reminds you of many other special dates in December. You can add Eat a Red Apple Day, Mitten Tree Day, International Children’s Day and more to your calendar this month. Even your dates for party preparation with Bake Cookies Day and caroling are covered, as well as special days for activities following Christmas.

This Molly’s Money-Saving Digest is the twelfth edition and completes the first year of Digests, bringing practical tips for frugal living to you every month for all of 2009!

Monthly Feature – “Comfort and Joy for Christmas” will be exactly what your family feels when you simplify and minimize. Be courageous this Christmas and eliminate obligation and guilt, consider family gift-giving, agreeing to end gift exchanges or to make homemade gifts—Molly tells you how! Enjoy comfort and joy all year long as you put these ideas to continued good use in your gift giving.

  • Eight Frugal Family Gifts will ignite creativity in your entire family.
  • Twelve Generic but Sensible Gift Ideas are incredibly fun to personalize!
  • Ten Fabulous and Frugal Foodie Gifts provide the thoughtfulness of both time and taste to friends and family!
  • Let’s Get Together! Make hosting a holiday brunch much simpler than you ever imagined!
  • All the Trimmings includes tips for decorating, wrapping, and all the holiday trimmings with a thrifty perspective.

“Above all, relax, refocus, and realize that Christmas is about Christ’s birth . . . not about staging a magazine-perfect production and trying to meet unrealistic expectations—financially or otherwise. Take the holiday back—for faith, family, and friends. Resolve to keep it simple and sweet.”

  • Great Expectations for Kids helps you develop a lifelong attitude of gratitude in your children with five guidelines you can easily implement.

Do you love details? Check out every section of the December Molly’s Digest right here:

  • Molly’s Minute – Year-end blessings from Molly remind you to focus on family, friends, and faith this Christmas season—regardless of how you choose to celebrate.
  • Begin With the Basics – “Candy Making 101” will warm your heart and pleasantly fill the tummies of friends and loved ones with homemade toffee, mints and more.
  • On Sale This Month – This list goes far beyond Christmas gifts to items you’ll be thankful you found on sale now—you’ll use them all year long.
  • Keeping it all Together – “Staying Sane During the Holiday Season” isn’t just a great title for this article—it is possible for you! Links galore will save you time and money!
  • Feather Your Nest Frugally – What 6-foot-by-2-foot decorative item could you be working on that will be enjoyed all year long? Find out! It isn’t your Christmas tree.
  • Pull Up a Chair – Another great gift idea awaits, along with the usual week’s worth of weeknight menus. Recipes include an ingredient list, easy-to-follow instructions, and even a few more great gift ideas.
  • Parenting That Pays – Get motivated as Jennifer Sikora shares ways her family chooses to serve others, and she encourages your family to do the same.
  • Something Old, Something New – “Old Calendars to New Art” Get long-term use from the pictures you loved in your calendar far longer than one year!
  • Goal-Getter Spotlight – “Today a Laptop, Tomorrow a Castle” by Aubrey Lively, an all-around goal-getter, she shares her heart for writing and her story.
  • Readers Write In – Perfect personalized gifts, tips for gift-giving, even tips for opening gifts can all be found in wonderful advice from fellow Molly’s Digest readers.
  • Molly’s Question of the Month – Get signed up for Molly’s free, weekly E-Newsletter and don’t miss out on tips and creative ideas to stay frugal.
  • Words Worth Saving – Enjoy God’s Word as you celebrate this Christmas season and all of December, keeping Christ in Christmas.
  • Directory of Links – Instantly reach websites while viewing your Digest online.

Spend $4.95 and save much more in time and money with superb gift ideas, scrumptious recipes, planning help, and encouragement for making the most of the Christmas season—without losing your sanity and while keeping your focus on the reason for the season, Jesus Christ!


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Enjoy some comfort and joy this Christmas—spread a little around too!
Enjoy Comfort and Joy in December—Buy Now!

Project Manager: Eleanor Joyce
Contributing Writers: Eleanor Joyce, Kris Price, Amy Howard, Jennifer Sikora
Publication: 2009
Pages: 55
File Size: 5.9 MB

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