Evaluate, Prioritize, Organize

Are you squeezing 32 hours into a 24-hour day?
How often does your money do a disappearing act?
Is stuff overflowing your home and hindering your happiness?

Time, money, and belongings—everyone deals with them.
Find out how to get a grip on it all.


It’s a brand new year and a perfect time to evaluate just how you’re managing, reassess your life priorities, and put some worthwhile organizational tools in place. Whether it’s time, money, or belongings, learn to evaluate, prioritize, and organize—everything fits into this simple management formula.

Tie on an apron, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to roll (the dough)! Take a glimpse at the features you’ll find in the newest Digest:

  • Evaluate, Prioritize, Organize: There are three “life currencies” that we all like to have organized—time, money, and belongings. To really organize any of these areas, you’ll need to first evaluate and then prioritize. Use the tools included in this Digest!

Time: Learn to do more with the hours you have. Use a copy of the blank month-at-a-glance calendar page as a simple way to evaluate where your time is being spent. Prioritize your daily to-do list, adjust your schedule, and organize your days and hours to suit you.

Money: Use the tool provided to evaluate just where that money is being spent. Check out the wide selection of free budgeting tools and advice with the links provided. Learning to prioritize is one of the biggest keys to financial stability and progress.

Stuff: It’s the perfect time to re-organize your belongings—especially with all those newly received Christmas items! Does your family have a packrat tendency? Take the month-long challenge! Do you have closets bursting with clothes? The clothing inventory chart could really help!

  • Begin With the Basics: Enjoy a “perfect pie” tutorial prepared by Mrs. Martha Greene (Marmee Dear). Want a pie crust that can be made ahead, frozen, and then popped from the freezer any time you need it? Included are instructions for easy crusts from scratch; a summer fruit pie secret; recipes for turnovers and a German Chocolate Pie; and more!
  • On Sale This Month: Look for Christmas merchandise blow-outs and marked-down linens and domestic items. Stock up on chocolate and your favorite diet foods and lots more in January.
  • Tips and Tools for Organization: If you don’t have a household management binder in place yet, you should start one now. In this issue alone, utilize 5 forms to help you evaluate, prioritize and organize how you manage your time, money, and “stuff.”
  • Feather Your Nest Frugally: Displaying beautiful, Scripture-based, decorative accents in your home—easy framed plaques, easel displays, and a custom canvas photo idea—will give you numerous possibilities to decorate your home
  • In the Kitchen With Molly: Begin the year with a fresh start in your family’s diet and a week’s worth of recipes ready to go! Check out the links to interactive forms to help you keep track of what you are eating. Included are five weeknight meals and two desserts that are friendly on the budget and the waistline. As a special bonus in this section, there’s a shopping list, so that all you have to do is print it out and head to the store!
  • Special Dates This Month: Are the post-holiday blahs setting in? Start some fun, new family traditions! How about the 6th (Cuddle Up Day)? And the 31st is Inspire Your Heart With Art Day, which goes well with it being National Hobby month. Discover what else to celebrate in January!
  • (NEW) Kid’s Corner: Be a Smart Little Piggy and Save Money: First, make this up-cycled piggy bank. Then help your kids open their very own checking account with this step-by-step look at the process of opening and maintaining an account. They’ll even get to practice check-writing skills in detail on the printable form included in this Digest.
  • Something Old, Something New: Storing and displaying photos are a challenge for many people. Tiffany will show you ideas to showcase your great memories, frequently changed, without cluttering your surfaces! Want an alternative to the old, classic-style jewelry box? See her organized, modern jewelry display—which didn’t cost her a penny.
  • This Is My Story: “I was hooked on the frugal lifestyle!” says Amy Howard, a writer for Molly’s blog. She shares a little of her personal life experience and journey about budget cutting and stocking up for future needs.
  • From My Mailbox: You’ll love the helpful tips shared by Molly’s readers: Give your kids a sewing lesson as they help you conquer the mismatched sock monster in your home; check out the link for the “up-cycle” of a plastic milk jug for clever kitchen baggy storage; be less stressed when you use an idea for inexpensive play mats that come in handy for those messy activities.
  • In Closing: Molly shares an essay excerpt from a buried treasure find. Advice in “How to Make Home Happy” has been around for a while, but it’s not outdated.
  • Directory of Links: For those of you who print and bind your Digests, you’ll have easy access to all of the fantastic links worth saving in the back of this issue. It makes your Digest easier to use!

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Project Manager: Eleanor Joyce
Contributing Writers: Eleanor Joyce, Amy Howard, Jennifer Sikora
Publication: 2010
Pages: 51
File Size: 9.3 MB

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