Homemade Happiness-Frugal Fun and Games

Bring back the joy of homemade treasures—
Enrich your life with simple pleasures.

Molly’s Money-Saving Digest-Homemade Happiness-Frugal Fun and Games


Let it pour . . .
Gather the whole family indoors for some wholehearted, frugal fun!
Overflowing with thrifty, cheerful inspiration to use in the kitchen, on the workbench, for active learning, and for entertainment!

Actually, it’s not just rainy day activities we’re including in this issue. It’s all about home and family—raising children, cooking, creativity, playing, and loving. High-priority stuff!

Do you . . .

  • Have a “get the most for your money” attitude?
  • Want to steer the kids toward more homemade, productive play?
  • View frugality as a fun, creative, and responsible way to live?
  • Like to encourage your children to learn practical household skills?
  • Love making things, especially when they come from something that would otherwise be thrown out?

There’s a lot to keep your household humming in this issue:

  • Monthly Feature: Homemade Happiness—Frugal Fun and GamesEveryone with children in their lives will benefit from this fabulous, kid-inclined list of links and ideas to entertain and occupy kids of all ages! You’ll choose from all sorts of clever crafts, inventive toys, imaginative, old-fashioned games, and home-style learning activities. Keep this list handy—all suggestions cost little to nothing!
  • Begin With the Basics: Muffins Are Marvelous! What’s not to love about muffins—those cupcake-sized quick breads that come in hundreds of different varieties? Do yours resemble the ones at the bakery, or do they look like wide, flat hats? Discover the secret to beautifully shaped muffins and enjoy five family-favorite recipes.
  • On Sale This Month: Those April showers also bring out some great deals on discounted items this month. Find out which ones!
  • Tips and Tools for Organization: Make your life easier with four new forms—find help with tracking your yard-sale treasures, and utilize a system to assist you with comparison shopping and more!
  • Feather Your Nest Frugally: Springify your home with Becca—now’s the time to add a few new pops of color throughout the house! Check out this eye-popping, thrifty project that’s perfectly stunning!
  • In the Kitchen With Molly: This week’s menu is all about having your kids help in the kitchen—stir up some great memories and learning experiences together! Each recipe will be easy enough that even a 4-year-old can help with something! The menu is complete with a grocery list—just print out and head to the store!
  • Special Dates This Month: Do you like the sound of No Housework Day? Or Look Up at the Sky Day? What is celebrated this month? Use this month/day designation list and start planning for some festive family activities now.
  • Kids’ Corner: Comparing Costs: A Great Experiment—Using the scientific method, kids will conduct an experiment with Molly and learn all about comparing prices. Then they’ll get a fun assignment to do on their own. There’s a special form provided, so dive in and cook up some fun!
  • Something Old, Something New: Erin shares a creative project that makes an awesome gift for the little princess in your life! Here’s a step-by-step process to repurpose and transform an old or inexpensive entertainment center into an adorable play item that’s well worth the effort!
  • This Is My Story: Not everyone was born into a frugal, “make do” lifestyle, but Dena appreciates her upbringing and the resulting creative frugality that has become a part of who she is because of it. With a positive outlook, she delightfully shares her story of more-than-survival within limited means. What does Dena mean by saying, “Frugality inspires creativity and provides freedom”? This is an important concept and a story that you’ll be inspired by!
  • From My Mailbox: In each issue, Molly shares a few favorite emails from her inbox. This issue shares how to make a recycled learning tool—perfect for preschoolers.
  • In Closing: Molly wraps up this Digest with a few inspirational quotes about children, playing, and home.
  • Directory of Links: For those of you who print and bind your Digests, you’ll have easy access to all of the fantastic links worth saving in the back of this issue. It makes your Digest easier to use!

See why homemakers love Molly’s Digest—take a peek at what’s inside!

You can apply just one tip from each issue to easily save the cost of the Digest! Still not convinced this E-Book is for you?
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Project Manager: Eleanor Joyce
Contributing Writers: Eleanor Joyce, Jennifer Sikora
Publication: 2010
Pages: 48
File Size: 6.5 MB

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