Preparing Our Hearts and Homes for the Holidays

Is over-spending something you hope to under-do this year?
Are you always prepared with an impromptu meal for unexpected guests?
Need help with a successful holiday approach?

Steer clear of festive flops and dinner disasters and remember the reason for the season as Molly’s Money-Saving Digest Preparing Our Hearts and Homes for the Holidays helps you stay focused and fulfilled during the often hectic holidays!


This may be a time of the year when energy is low and temptations are high to just pull out the credit card—but wait just a second. By keeping a few perspectives in mind and tackling some preparation projects now, you can enjoy the holidays and avoid throwing your frugal lifestyle out the window!

This month’s feature will help you prepare for the holidays—physically, spiritually, and mentally. A little preparation, forethought, and planning can make it a time of peace and joy as it was intended to be. Molly and her special guests will inspire you with many low- or no-cost ideas and remind you that holiday preparation really begins in your heart.

  • Need time-saving suggestions for Thanksgiving and Christmas projects, gifts, and activities?
  • How about lots of great “nesting” tips?
  • Or some helpful, sanity-saving hints?
  • Want to be a cheerful giver, not a stressed-out deliverer?
  • What’s the secret to creating a beautiful table without breaking the bank?
  • Would your kids pass the table etiquette test?

There’s a lot packed inside this merry issue of Molly’s Money-Saving Digest:

Begin With the Basics—Holiday Treats
. Cookies, bars, and quick breads are easy to make and are appreciated by almost everyone. Scoop up some great ingredient and baking tips. What if you are out of eggs? How are different flours substituted? Know how to ship those baked goody gifts? Enjoy recipes to make delightful treats for your family or tie a bow on your heartfelt handmade gift or thank-you package.

On Sale This Month.
Many discounted items this month fit right into the holiday groove: keeping warm, seasonal baking, dress-up attire, and presents under the tree! Check out this list for many great bargain purchases!

Tips and Tools for Organization. Alleviate some of the holiday stress and plan ahead with these beneficial resources. Collect and utilize links for an organized Christmas, Thanksgiving planning, menu suggestions, family fun printables, and more!

Feather Your Nest Frugally—Creating Beautiful Table Settings on a Budget.
Turn family dining into wonderful memories when you muster around the decorative dinner table. Get creative! Start with a simple china set, add your frugal imagination, and watch the cheerful table transformation unfold!

In the Kitchen With Molly.
From the recipes for Stuffed Shells to Taco Casserole and plenty of yummy desserts, it’s a whole week of Molly’s all-time favorite “go-to” meals intended to serve extended family. Cook up ingredients ahead of time and freeze them for later use, and you’ll have a variety of “quick-fix” meals ready for your hungry holiday crowd.

Special Dates This Month.
National Adoption Month is just one of many celebrations for November. Many families are using this feature to create mini learning units with their children. How could you plan for Peanut Butter Lover’s Month? Or Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day?

Kids’ Corner. It’s confusing when you don’t know which spoon, fork, or knife you’re supposed to use for what! Gather ‘round for some Table Talk! Your kids will focus on learning the components of a complete dinner place setting along with the basic manners expected at a dinner party.

Something Old, Something New
. How do you fashion a beautiful bread basket from repurposed dairy container lids and shopping bags? Lots of photos and complete instructions help you to make this attractive, functional conversation piece!

This Is My Story. Have you dreamed of a debt-free, homesteading lifestyle? What did this homeschooling military family with $54,000 in bills hanging over their heads do? They buckled down and pared back by digging out of their hole inch by inch! The final turning point in their battle came when they created their most important accountability tool—a visual display. Discover the critical lessons learned from the humble and resourceful story of this inspiring family!

Every month Molly has a wealth of information and support to share in one easy-to-read, handy resource! Discover for yourself all of the exciting and imaginative ideas Molly has to offer and wants to share with you—ideas that could save you big money and needless headaches!

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Don’t go for a credit catastrophe—instead, grab a cozy throw and a mug of cider, and snuggle up with Molly’s Money-Saving Digest!

Molly makes it fun and easier to be frugal! Think about it—with so much to learn and save, if you apply just one money-saving idea you’ll recoup your cost of this E-Book right away!

Project Manager: Toni Riggs
Contributing Writers: Dena Wood, Jennifer Sikora, Susan Herin, S. White, Hillary Reynolds
Publication: 2010
Pages: 54
File Size: 8.2 MB

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