Homebound Happiness: Frugal Indoor Fun

Do you desire to make your home a haven of relaxing family fun?
Are you looking for a low-pressure project to stir your creativity into the new year?
Need help finding frugal, fast, and fabulous ways to use up holiday leftovers?


Get ready to enjoy your family like never before. Learn how to bring cozy warmth to your home through family togetherness, low-pressure creative outlets, delicious foods, and peace-filled finances.

  • Make your own homemade yogurt, right in your slow cooker!
  • Get festive with Molly’s long list of December holidays!
  • Plan a family game night and put some warmth into those cold winter nights!
  • Add old photographs to wreaths, centerpieces, and gift tags to evoke holiday memories!
  • Turn holiday leftovers into new and delicious meals!
  • Help the kids with creative gift-giving ideas!
  • Re-purpose old, stained clothes and a cutting of burlap to create a fantastic rug!

Molly’s Money-Saving Digest-Homebound Happiness: Frugal Indoor Fun

Looking for ways to engage the whole family right at home without spending a cent? Are you seeking ideas to bring some harmony and togetherness to your family? Enjoy quality times of bonding and fellowship with one of the many suggestions offered in this issue of Molly’s Money-Saving Digest. Tired of board games? They aren’t the only way to enjoy your family.

  • Learn to change the temperature in your home by changing your temperament.
  • Start setting the mood for family togetherness.
  • Develop a goal to make others’ happiness a priority.
  • Learn to be a blessing to others by adopting a charity or elderly neighbor and serving as a family.
  • Go beyond board games and look for creative ways to enjoy your family.
  • Scope out Molly’s list of suggestions and get ready for some fun family memories.

There is so much packed into this issue of Molly’s Money Saving Digest:

Begin With the Basics: Are you looking for simple ways to bring health and nutrition to your family’s diet? Have you ever thought of making your own yogurt? In this issue, Molly will teach the benefits of yogurt while exploring the history behind its making. You’ll enjoy learning how to make homemade, tasty, and nutritious yogurt right in your slow cooker! Molly also shares suggestions for adding some extra flavor to your yogurt and gives great suggestions for using your homemade yogurt in your next smoothie. Yummy!

“I have been thinking about making my own yogurt for a long time, since I know it’s healthful and tasty. I never thought to use my slow cooker!! How perfect is that!?!? The instructions look so easy; I think I’ll give it a try. Great timing!” ~Katie Miller

On Sale This Month: Are you ready to make the most of your family budget? Some of the best sales of the year occur in late December. With Molly’s list, you’ll know what items to look for and how to make the most of these great sales.

Tips and Tools for Organization: In this section, you’ll find links to websites where you can create and print your own game for family game night. Follow links to yummy snacks your kids can help make, or learn how to create fun outside with toys like coffee can stilts.

Feather Your Nest Frugally: Use old memories to build new ones. Do you have a huge stash of pictures you love to look at but don’t know what to do with? Why not learn how to incorporate pictures into wreaths, centerpieces and gift tags? You’ll love the conversation and memories that are stirred with these beautiful reminders of holidays past.

In the Kitchen With Molly: Get creative with your leftovers. Molly knows what to do with those uneaten holiday meals. She has created five entirely different meals that your family will love! You don’t have to settle for the same turkey dinner night after night. Learn to add variety, flair, and flavor to waken up these delicious dishes.

Special Dates This Month: Whether celebrating Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve or any of the lesser-known holidays, like National Maple Syrup Day (pancakes anyone?), you’ll have something to smile about this month.

Kids’ Corner: Kids like to give gifts too, but with limited funds they may feel unable to provide something special. In this issue, kids will learn the value of gifts given from the heart and created with love. After walking through Molly’s four steps to gift-giving, kids will be inspired and prepared to create something they are proud to give.

Something Old, Something New: Wondering what to do with the outgrown clothing in your family closets? Some pieces of clothing, with their worn knees and multitude of stains, just aren’t fit for resale. Why not create something beautiful for your home by recycling these old strips of stained clothing? Grab some burlap and get ready to put those worn-out fabrics to use while creating a beautiful handcrafted rug.

This Is My Story: From childhood to adulthood, Anita Elmore fed her desire to learn to crochet. Though learning something can be hard and often takes time, Anita met her challenge and even surprised herself by forming a successful business in the process.

“They always say that you should do what you love, and the money will follow. Anita Elmore’s inspiring story demonstrates this beautifully. She learned to crochet as a young girl but neglected the art until her thirties. Through a sweet inheritance she returned to yarn crafts, and now she has found both joy and income from her knitting and crocheting.” ~Annie Kate

Directory of Links: This link list is a wonderful organizational tool. Use it to simplify your records. Print off the list, and you’ll have all of these great resources preserved neatly in one easy spot.

Here’s what homemakers are saying about this Molly’s Digest:
“Molly always has the best ideas, and this issue – with Christmas-themed ideas – does not disappoint. In addition to the yummy recipes, there are several frugal craft ideas in this issue that I’m anxious to try. While people are struggling to make it through the economic hard times, Molly comes through with ways to celebrate the holidays without much money.~Heidi Strawser

“Since we mothers and wives so often set the atmosphere of the home, we can always use inspiration to bring joy inside this winter. “Homebound Happiness” is full of free and exciting ways to add a sparkle to everyone’s eyes.”~Annie Kate

Molly’s planning tips really help me organize my holidays and to prioritize my time so that I can have time to spend with my family and friends.”~Erin Flewelling

Molly knows what homemakers need. Each month, the pages of Molly’s Money-Saving Digest build confidence and foster creativity through frugal, family-centered inspiration. Her suggestions are always timely and full of thought, infusing us with a deeper passion for our homes. From meal suggestions and craft projects to financial planning and family togetherness, Molly covers every aspect of home life.

Each month you’ll learn new ways to save money while spoiling your friends and family with your new, creative hospitality. You’ll develop a deeper interest and desire to fill your home with care and attention that will bring warmth to each room. The peace and pleasure of giving your family your best will match with your new penny-pinching economic awareness to create an environment you’re proud to call home.
See why homemakers love Molly’s Digest—take a look inside!

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Molly makes it fun and easier to be frugal! Think about it—with so much to learn and save, if you apply just one money-saving idea you’ll recoup your cost of this E-Book right away!

Project Manager: Toni Riggs
Contributing Writers: Jennifer Sikora, Eleanor Joyce, S. White, Anita Elmore, Candy Foote, Patricia Hunter
Publication: 2010
Pages: 57
File Size: 3.8 MB

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