Impulse Buy = Headache of Regret

Guest post by Midge:

Last week Tuesday in my first post, I shared about attempting to make my husband the perfect Crème Brulee for Valentine’s Day.  After the dessert came out of the oven and my daughter Sarah woke up from her nap, we jumped in the car.  My quest of that Valentine’s afternoon was purchasing a hand held blow torch.  Ever since watching the online video chef sizzle the sugar on top of the dessert, I kept thinking about how much fun it would be to use this kitchen tool.

In order to keep my post short, I will spare you the lengthy details about how many stores we went to in order to find it!  Finally, on our way home, we spotted a specialty kitchen store.  But, as the cashier rang up the blow torch and the refillable butane, my heart stopped and my palms got sweaty.  All of a sudden my cute Valentine’s dessert with the inexpensive ingredients had become quite costly!  The grand total was:  $56.39

And, I got flustered because I kept thinking that my first real attempt at making a fancy dessert was going to be ruined.

So, I paid the price.

Ever have one of those moments… when an “impulse buy” leaves you with a headache of regret?

Frugal living doesn’t come easy to me.  Before Sarah was born, I had an expendable cash budget each month.  And after I made this purchase, I sat in the car for awhile letting the heater warm us up and the regret wash over me.  I just spent money that was budgeted for something else, something more important.  And now, what should I do?

With a great deal of embarrassment, Sarah and I marched back in the store fifteen minutes later with the receipt in my hand and returned it.   When relaying the story to my proud husband that night over Valentine’s Dinner, I realized something.  If I had kept my purchase and used the tool, our conversation that night would have been filled with tension and remorse.  Returning the item felt much more victorious than justifying the non-existent wisdom of the purchase.

And are you wondering about the Crème Brulee??  It tasted wonderful even without the toasty sugar on top.

 Midge’s New Financial Phrase for 2012:

Save for what I want, find the best deal I can and choose to not use credit.

This site was recently recommended by a friend as a good place to get cash back on a variety of purchases.  Anyone ever try it?

More info on kitchen blow torches:

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4 thoughts on “Impulse Buy = Headache of Regret

  1. Couldn’t we just use a simple torch (ex. Camping torch) from the camping section at Walmart? I think they are around 15.00 and they come with different speeds.

    I’ve never tried making fancy desserts but when I do…I’ll probably clean and use one of my husbands torches.

    Let me know what you think!

    Molly says: I have a friend who is a caterer and I’ve seen her grab a torch from the garage to carmelize sugar on a cheesecake, so I know it works! The thing I noticed is that she “torched” it for much longer than I would have, so don’t be gentle with it. lol

  2. I have a mini torch from the plumbing supply section of the hardware store. It works great for “flaming” food! It cost $9 on sale and replacement fuel tubes are $5.

    My 12 year old dd LOVES creme broule! It is her “been extra good” treat.

    Molly says: LOVE it! Creme Brulee is MY favorite dessert, too!

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