Build a Menu Anniversary Special

build a menu special

The Build a Menu Anniversary Special is here!

Have you “met” the ladies from Build a Menu? We have a special word from them today and we are excited to celebrate with them on their 2nd Anniversary.

Find out more about who they are and what they are all about in the guest post below:

Trying to get dinner on the table for your family and keep your grocery budget under control can be frustrating. Any busy mom can tell you menu planning can be one of the most frustrating jobs we have! Fortunately, there are services such as Build a Menu that can help you plan a menu your family will love. Build A Menu not only provides you with new recipes to choose from each week, each recipe shows the current cost to buy its ingredients at the store, making it super easy to keep a handle on your grocery budget.

BAM helping families

What makes it even better is that you can design your selections around the grocery store where you shop. Choose from different recipe categories based on your family’s individual preferences. You’re not locked in to just one menu, but rather you can mix and match any way you like!

BAM 3 easy steps


In three easy steps you can select the store you like to shop at, pick your recipes and print your customized shopping list. Voila! You’re done menu planning for the week!

Build a Menu has a variety of recipes to choose from for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks and desserts as well. Simply select the store where you want to shop, choose the recipes you want, print out the recipes and shopping list, and you’re ready to go…including the prices for the ingredients that you will be purchasing.

How great is that!?

BAM categories

You can choose recipes from any of these categories to create a menu that’s perfect for you family:

Family Friendly
Trim Healthy Mama
Low Carb
Gluten Free
Low Fat/Sensible Portions
Allergy Friendly (No gluten, dairy, nuts)
Slow Cooker
Soups On
Crowd Pleasers
Manly Meals

Not only is Build A Menu committed to helping families save time and money thru menu planning, they also donate a portion of their proceeds to orphan care charities, so when you join Build A Menu, you’ll also be joining in their effort to support these charities!
To save you even more money, use Coupon Code 12for35 and get ½ off a year membership making it only $35 for the entire year.  Hop on over and get started now!

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New Molly Green: Sneak Peek Monday

all new molly green

All New Molly Green Magazine

Launching in January with all new benefits

Just in case you haven’t heard, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the all new Molly Green Magazine!  The blog will be getting a makeover and members will gain all new benefits as well as a new focus for the magazine.

You’ll enjoy the same frugal advice and information you’ve come to trust, with a deeper focus on the art of homesteading,  back yard farming,  and all things home industry.

Benefits include a video sharing platform to share how-to’s on canning, recipes, gardening and all related topics. Members will have the opportunity to network and sell their homemade & handmade/small business items in their very own cottage stores at no additional cost.

New columns from our friends at Build a Menu with exclusive access to their Dine on a Dime planner, and monthly column by The Fly Lady and more!

Right now, you can lock in the special rate – $1 for the first month, and $3.85 monthly thereafter.  This special introductory rate won’t last. The membership price will increase with the new launch and platform coming in January.

If you are considering a membership to the all new Molly Green, now is the time to get this valuable resource to help you save money, become more self sufficient, and to learn about all things home industry.

Join us here to get your membership and lock in your discounted rate today!

Need a recipe to use up leftover Christmas ham? Go here

Check back tomorrow for a delicious recipe & more – to help you ring in the new year!

Merry Christmas


merry christmas

We hope you’ve been able to use some of our ideas for frugal and beautiful homemade Christmas gifts and decorating tips.

I pray you are enjoying your family time, and celebrating Jesus this season, and every season.

I’m off to go bake some cookies and get my own home in order to entertain loved ones.

God bless!



If you need some cleaning help as you prepare for company – read the article here on coming clean for Christmas. 


Last minute homemade gift ideas are here and here.

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Molly Green Magazine Giveaway & Cyber Monday special

If you still have leftovers to store or want to plan ahead for Christmas leftovers – Check out our post here with simple solutions and recipes“What to do with leftover turkey?”

cyber monday 1/2 price


As part of our Black Friday – Cyber Monday – Green Tuesday special, I have included a free printable gift certificate you can use to give The New Molly Green Magazine away to a friend or loved one for Christmas (Our special price is THAT good)

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Black Friday – Cyber Monday – Green Tuesday

green tuesday

Molly Green Magazine is thrilled to offer you the biggest best discount available on our brand new magazine! We will launch the all new and improved Molly Green beginning January 1 – and I just cannot wait to share it with you.

Although we are committed to bringing you the finest money saving ideas around, and are firmly rooted in our focus on frugal . . . we are branching out!

We will continue to bring you tips and ideas to save money, you still have access to the eBooks and past issues of Molly Green Magazine – but now, membership will include so much more.

Subscribers will have exclusive access to the Dine on a Dime section of Build a to plan frugal meals for the family.

We’ll provide articles on sustainable living, back yard farming, simple living and connecting with nature – homemade, handmade, all things home industry . . .

and even a platform from which to share it! Molly members will now be able to share and sell their homemade/handmade items within the network. The best part? There’s NO additional charge!

Black Friday – Cyber Monday – Green Tuesday 

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Molly Green Special 1 year deal


use to give Molly as a gift – just a little extra from me to you!

The prices for the Molly Green Magazine will go up with the launch of the new and improved site. Lock in your low rate today with $1 for the first month then $3.85 thereafter  - or save even more with the huge discount price of $29 for a full year of MG!

Only $29 RIGHT NOW

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Molly – Green Tuesday!

green tuesday

Happy Monday Y’all!


I do hope all your Thanksgiving plans are falling into place.

Today we get a sneak peek at the Molly Green Black Friday – Cyber Monday – Green Tuesday SALE! (It’s a mouthful for sure)

Although I cannot yet spill the beans on the exact nature of the sale price – I can tell you it will be fantastic and that it may have a little something to do with slashing annual membership prices with my gardening shears! 

We are so very thankful for you,  and on that note, we will begin our “knock your socks off” special on Thanksgiving and continue right on through to the brand new  holiday named after – yours truly. . . .

I know! I was just as surprised as you are to hear that the whole world will be celebrating the brand new Molly Green with the upcoming . . . . . GREEN TUESDAY!  Although no one has called yet to officially tell me about this great honor – someone online let it slip that GREEN TUESDAY is all about natural living,  sustainability, with a Green simple lifestyle, so, they might as well have mailed me the invite!

We are loving the new materials, writers and resources for the upcoming launch. January will be over the top exciting, but this . . . . .

a whole holiday called GREEN TUESDAY –  is truly quite an honor.  I’m off to practice my acceptance speech and peel some more potatoes.

See a great Thanksgiving kids craft here 

Decorate a festive table with items found in nature HERE

Be sure to check out the current BOGO Molly Christmas bundle HERE

mg bogo




72-HOUR Patriotic Sale on Molly Green Annual Memberships — only $29.99!

4th of july promo header

…from Molly, Midge & Econobusters

We all know that freedom isn’t free. So, I want to start this message out by thanking all those — past and present — who have sacrificed so much for our future freedoms! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! 

On a slightly different note, learning to be more frugal and cooking better for our families comes at a price too. We always try to keep the costs of our resources affordable, because we care! We’re right there with you in the trenches learning and stretching ourselves every day. We know so many of you are one-income families, or struggling through job-loss, or maybe you’re just trying to keep your head above water since the economy took a dive in the last few years. Molly Green Magazine and was BORN for such a time as this.

Our founders wanted to pass on what they were learning and how it was making a huge difference in their families on many different levels. We have continued that vision to this day and our honest desire is that continues to be a safe community where you will glean information from our team and each other while also sharing your own successes and failures with others who have the same goal — to provide a loving and nurturing home for our kids while also teaching them to “leave the nest” and fly, well-equipped to do the same for their own future family.

As usual, Midge and I have lots of exciting things in the works for Molly Green Magazine and and we’re really looking forward to sharing those with you all in the very near future.
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Sneak Peek Monday~ HALF OFF SALE~ Making a Frugal Fresh Start

This back issue is FULL of handy tips to help you along. Making a Frugal Fresh Start is on sale NOW for only $2.50 (this price will be good until Sunday night 6/23). Have you ever seen inside one of my magazines? Take a SNEAK PEEK HERE to see some of the frugal goodness we packed into this issue!

Here’s a little more of what’s inside:

Don’t you love a good yard sale? Learn to shop yard sales like a pro! The goal of this month’s feature is to suggest ideas to use in three major areas—cleaning, organizing, and food (feeding your family). Start taking incremental steps toward lasting change . . .

Organize without Spending: You could spend a lot of money on organizational stuff—but you don’t have to!

  • Don’t throw it away! What can you do with oatmeal containers? Cylinder-shaped chip containers? Cereal boxes? Coffee cans? Caps from aerosol spray cans? An unused photo album? And there’s more . . . organize!
  • How are you using those plastic milk jugs?
  • Great ways to upcycle those 2-liter plastic soda bottles!
  • Kimberly, from Kimberly’s Cup, shows you how she repurposes glass jars for pantry storage. You may never throw out another jar!

Beyond Coupons—Seven Ways to Save Money While Eating Well: You’ll find practical suggestions to re-think ways of getting food on the table and enjoy healthy, creative meals without over-spending.

  • Watch your waist, and your waste! Re-think portion control!
  • Are you menu planning yet? Get a free E-Book download link that’ll make it so easy to get started!
  • Practice recipe substitutions. Get this handy chart to help!
  • Plan a cooking party or start a brunch club!
  • Consider bartering and gleaning. You’ll want to hear what Molly has to say about it.

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HALF OFF SALE~Making Money From Home

It’s time for happy hearts, big smiles, and my Making Money from Home magazine! This edition of Molly’s Money-Saving Digest is full of creative ways to provide for your family’s needs while remaining within your budget! In this issue you’ll find lots of fresh inspiration and information, so don’t miss it!

This 2009 back issue is on sale only this week for $2.50. Have you ever seen inside one of my magazines? Take a SNEAK PEEK HERE to see some of the frugal goodness we packed into this issue! Over 35 pages of information & support for an incredibly low price! A small price to pay compared to the great benefits you’ll receive and the money you’ll be saving once you dig into this E-Book! Buy this E-Book today for ONLY $2.50!

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