Crackin’ Eggs

Guest Blog by: Midge

How many eggs did I crack to extract one yolk perfectly?  I admit it took me five tries the first time I tried to separate an egg yolk from an egg white.  Once I actually dropped the egg on the floor before I even attempted to crack it.  Just call me butter fingers!  But most of the other times, I ended up puncturing the egg with the sharp side of the shell or losing the egg yolk into the bowl while shifting the yolk from shell to shell.

I watched some chefs on TV (and the internet – check out my links below) cracking eggs with ease.  I never had a need to learn this technique until the dessert I was making for my husband called for five egg yolks (read my first Crème Brule posts here: Midge Blog #1   and Midge Blog#2).  At first, I made an alternative recipe that used the whole egg but then I got brave.  What could be so hard about separating eggs?

When my husband and I got married, we received a variety of odds and ends kitchen gadgets.  We have a small pile of these utensils in which we have never figured out their use in the kitchen.  I was sure that one of the tools looked like it just might be the answer to my egg separating woes.

After attempting to separate eggs using this tool, I discovered I was wrong.  It definitely was not the right utensil unless I was cracking ostrich eggs!  The yolk fell right down the middle and broke into the bowl.

I had to go back to doing it by hand.  But, on the bright side of things, I taught my niece how to separate eggs during my lengthy, egg wasting learning process.  We also ended up with omelets for dinner several nights in a row.  So, all is well that ends well, right?

But, I am still curious about the purpose of this odd kitchen gadget?  It is stainless steel and looks like a giant lollipop…  Any ideas?

I will try to post a picture… this is only my third time blogging so bear with me as I learn the ins and outs of posting!

Four Easy Steps to Separate an Egg

Separating an Egg Video Instructions

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