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There are so many different ways to live a frugal lifestyle. . . this is a great place to learn new things and encourage one another! Below you can share the link to a post on your own blog, share a little about your frugal life and encourage others. Be sure to come back each Friday and link-up to this great community of frugal followers!


If you get my Friday newsletter, you most likely read Midge’s question about my favorite desserts to make (if you don’t get my FREE newsletter be sure and subscribe via the sticky note in the upper right corner). Read below to see my response and discover what recipe I like to make each Mother’s Day.  Molly

Frugal Friday Linky Party - April 26, 2013 |

Dear Midge,

My mother always told me I was born with a sweet tooth, I think she may be right. I love to create (and eat!) just about anything sweet. My favorite desserts to make are fruit pies or cobblers. I love these because there is such a variety of fruits that can be used or combined in these desserts. I also love these types of sweets because I enjoy adding a cinnamon based streusel on top and a huge amount of whipped cream! What’s not to love?

Every Mother’s Day I break out the trifle dish and create a beautiful dessert. Last year I used chunks of angel food cake layered with freshly made custard, peaches, strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream. The kids know Mother’s Day is right around the corner when they see that trifle dish come out of storage (I should use it more often, don’t you think?).

I’m dreaming of this year’s trifle dessert now. . . I wonder what combination of fruits I’ll use. Blackberries, strawberries and raspberries?

Love ya,

Molly. . . who is dreaming of trifle for breakfast!


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