Guest Post — DIY Ribbon Windsock

I love color, and I love the flow of things in the wind, and I love cute ribbon, so I combined all of them into a Ribbon Windsock! You can use any color you like and any size hoop you like to get your desired effect. I personally just dug out leftover ribbons from the hair bows I made the girls.
To start with you need whatever ribbon you selected (it takes quite a bit) and an embroidery hoopYou really only need the inside of the hoop or something else that is round and stiff enough to hold a good amount of ribbon.
The actual process to making these is very simple. Cut your ribbon in pieces that are double the length you want your finished product. I wanted mine to be varied, so I just randomly cut my pieces. Then take a piece and fold in half. Slip the fold under your hoop and then pull the ends through the folded area. Tighten. Some ribbons don’t tighten as well as others, so if you are wanting this to hold up you might want to use a little hot glue on the inside of the fold. Continue around the hoop. You can make stripes or a single color or an eclectic combination like I did.

Once your hoop is covered you can securely tie a piece of ribbon to either side of the hoop to use to hang it. Then hang your ribbon windsock wherever you need some extra color!


So a more appropriate name for this project might be a ribbon mobile or a ribbon chandelier, but it does blow in the wind like a windsock! The problem I found with it is that it is made of ribbon which doesn’t hold up particularly well to various weather conditions. You could use ribbon intended to be left out or you could just hang it inside. In fact it is so simple that you could easily make one to match party decor and then take it apart to re-use the components!

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7 thoughts on “Guest Post — DIY Ribbon Windsock

  1. That looks so pretty. I haven’t tried out ribbon art with DD but i am sure she will be quite engaged with it!
    thanks for sharing

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