Guest Post – Five Fun Ways To Make Some Extra Cash This Summer

beautiful blond kid blow dandelion outdoorSummer is here and with it comes wonderful things like days at the beach or in the pool, summer sports and hopefully a vacation or two. However, all of those things cost money and for most of us finances are especially tight in the summer. We’re not working as much because the kids are home and customers aren’t buying as much because they are busy with their families.

So what’s a mom to do? She’s got to get creative! Here are a few ideas on how you might be able to bring in some extra cash this summer while still maximizing time with your family.

Mom’s Summertime Taxi

Most of us moms are out-and-about with our kids each day anyway, so why not offer a service to friends, neighbors and maybe acquaintances that work full-time or have even busier schedules than you to tote their kids around, too? Calculate how much you’ll need to help cover mileage and gas and then charge a small fee to each family. You’ll earn a small income and they’ll save time and hassle by letting you help.

Organize a Garage Sale

Garage sales are one thing, but let’s think outside the box here. What if you organize a neighborhood or church-wide garage sale? This can be a great way to not only make some extra money (last summer I made enough to make a car payment!) but to get rid of that junk sitting around collecting junk in your basement.

Write an Ebook

If you’ve ever dreamt of writing, there is no better time than the present to bring that dream to reality. Write that short story or novella (or full length novel if you’re up for it) and sell it on Amazon. You can list your book for free, they simply take a small percentage of your sales. Be sure to invest a little in yourself by using a professional editor. Your book will get higher reviews, and therefore better sales, because of it.

Give Lessons

Are you hiding a talent that everyone else would die for? Give piano lessons or cooking classes, teach tweens to sew help seniors learn to use a computer. Whatever your talent is, there is most likely a group of people out there that would love to learn from you. A friend of mine runs a cookie company and she recently branched out and began offering cookie decorating classes. She hosts them in her home, right at her kitchen table, and it’s been a huge hit.

Sell Your Homegrown Stuff

Is your garden overflowing? Consider selling some of those beautiful veggies or herbs from your garden. Put an ad out on or offer them up from a booth at your local farmers market. Or, make it even simpler and spread the word in your neighborhood that you have produce for sale.

There are so many ways to bring in a little extra income this summer. By using your skills and what you have around the house, you can help fund all those trips to the swimming pool or help save up for your family vacation. There’s no end to how creative we can be when we set our minds to it.

Jill Hart is a writer, speaker and coach, showing others how to follow their calling and build successful businesses. She teaches her clients how to overcome the fear of getting started and helps them discover ways to make money from home. Ready to discover how you can work from home? Check out Jill’s short and sweet ebook, 70 Creative Ways to Make Money from Home Quickly (

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One thought on “Guest Post – Five Fun Ways To Make Some Extra Cash This Summer

  1. Our church missions team has had great results with the garage sale. People donate items for sale day, including plants and baked goods, we grill food for concessions and it’s a blast working together for the next trip to Uganda!

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