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homemade furniture oil

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Homemade Furniture Oil

This very simple mixture of olive oil and essential oil is a great furniture polish, and is so easy to make! Take
one of your old canning jars (with lid) or sour cream containers, and add 1 cup of olive oil and 5-10 drops of
sweet orange oil (or lemon, lime—I like the citrus oils here). Put your lid on, shake well, grab an old rag, and
polish away! Don’t have any citrus essential oils? Grab a whole lemon or lime, cut in half, and just squeeze half
of the lemon/lime juice into your olive oil!

Cut up the other half and use in another of your homemade cleaners. A half cup of baking soda and the juice
of half a lemon or lime mixed together makes a great paste to clean sinks, tubs, counters, etc.! Or just toss
your leftover citrus fruit in your potpourri pot on the stove, or cut into slices and run through your garbage
disposal to clean and freshen it.

Using homemade cleaners like this in your household is a healthy, green, and frugal way to take care of your furniture and your family homestead.

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