How to Make Your Own Butter~ Works For Me

Guest post by Lisa Barthuly of Homestead Originals.

My husband was offered 10 quarts of whipping cream recently and he called and said ” Do you want these?!” To which I replied,  “BUTTER!”

So, he brought it home and the girls and I proceeded to whip it up into over 12 pounds of BUTTER!

The BOSCH made it simple, and we did 2 quarts at a time. Just dump the cream in, turn it on and let the BOSCH do the work. :)

I didn’t time it, but I am guessing around 20 minutes per batch.

As you can see it goes from pure liquid cream, to a rising foam to this point where the buttermilk starts to separate from the butter….


Here is what you get when it turns to solid…keep squeezing and squishing to work buttermilk out of it and…

Now I take the ‘butter ball’ and keep squeezing out as much buttermilk as I can, toss it in a bowl or container of some sort–sprinkle with kosher salt, need it/mix it back into the ball and reshape…

Place it in nice COLD salt water, while I make more….

I kept it all in super cold salt water til we had made it all up and then divided it up in portions, put in wax paper, and in gallon freezer bags and put it in the freezer to store!

Butter logs!

LOTS of butter logs!

This was so easy! We also make fresh goat milk butter (although the cream is harder to come by in goats milk!) and eat that fresh, since it comes in such small quantities at a time (the children just shake it up into butter in a mason jar)–but what a blessing to make it up ourselves and you know–with the price of commercially made BUTTER these days— I think that whipping cream IS CHEAPER to buy and just make it up ourselves! Next time I go to town I am going to price that out! :)

Now if I can find organic or raw pure cream………..oooooooooooh — that would be wonderful! ;)


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One thought on “How to Make Your Own Butter~ Works For Me

  1. I’m not that familiar with a Bosch. Would this work in a food processor or another machine or is that too powerful? Thanks for your post. So interesting and you are so blessed to receive all that cream! Wow!

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