Fabulous Friday~Inspiration

As I sat in the quiet this morning with my first cuppa-Joe and looked out the window, I began thinking about inspiration.  What is inspiration exactly? One definition I found said this: “Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.”  I began thinking about myself and thought about what things inspire me.  Good food definitely inspires me, that was on the top of the list for sure.  Other things that inspire me are beautiful colors, friends & laughter, my children (when they’re being silly), flowers, yummy smells (coffee for sure, oh and bread too), and the ability to see life as a blank canvas.  Those things inspire me.  If life is a blank canvas we have the freedom to work with the twists and turns and seek happiness in every direction we turn.

This week has been inspiring for me in may ways.  I enjoyed getting outdoors and planting in my flowerbeds.  I began a painting project (with the color yellow!), created a few freezer meals for my family and began a sewing project for myself on a breezy, summer dress.  I find inspiration in all of these things because they are creating something purposeful and beautiful.

I currently live in the country and I find inspiration in nature almost daily.  I enjoy the way the trees sound when the wind blows, the variety of wildflowers that grow in the woods and the way nature seems to live in harmony with itself. When I lived in the city, I found inspiration in architecture and even the way the sun shone through the tall buildings.

What inspires you?  Did you create anything inspirational this week?  Where do you see beauty?


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3 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday~Inspiration

  1. MUSIC! Christian contemporary as well as piano music played well like Jim Brickman or George Winston! It literally changes me! Colors also make a big difference for me. (One of the reasons I LOVE scrapbooking!)~Jennifer B.
    Molly says: I’ve never heard of those artists, thanks for the music suggestion!

  2. I too lllooovvveee piano music and almost always listen to it when I blog. I’m going to check out these artists out. Thx!
    Molly says: I hadn’t heard of them either, I went right away to check them out as well. Enjoy!

  3. Keeping a prayer journal inspires me. Looking back and seeing how God has taken care of me and answered so many prayers…Often not the way I originally wanted, yet for my best, all the same.

    Mondays inspire me! People think I’m nuts, but I like to think of a blank slate in front of me for the new week. Even if I didn’t get everything done last week…a new one is full of possibilities!
    Molly says: What an optimistic way to think about Mondays! Also, I believe keeping a prayer journal is an amazing way to document the blessings and answered prayers in one’s life.

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