Works for Me~ Ladder Potrack

When looking for a hanging potrack for my kitchen, I was repeatedly disheartened at the high prices. Fortunately, a trip to my backyard resulted in a flash of inspiration. I asked my husband to cut down the old ladder resting against the back fence. We added hooks and chains and hung above the kitchen island. You can see the results below. It was practically free and adds a fun touch to our rustic-feel kitchen.

Using what I have works for me. To see more Works for Me Wednesday tips (and offer your own advice on this Backwards Edition) visit We Are That Family.

As for my question, I’d love to know how/where you store your pots and pans if you DON’T have a potrack. I’ve had my hanging rack for many years now, but I’ve found two pendant lights I’d really like to hang over the island. Plus, I’ve been enjoying a more clean, less cluttered look, lately. I’d love to remove the potrack and put up the pendant lights, but I fear I’ll really regret it as it’s SOOO handy to have the pots and pans so easy to grab. So, what do you do with yours?

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2 thoughts on “Works for Me~ Ladder Potrack

  1. Hi Molly,

    I love your ladder pot rack idea, what a great way to save space and upcycle. We store our pots on the shelf or in the cupboard and it is very crowded storage wise for the kitchen because of this arrangement.


    Molly says: Thank you for your comment Klaren! When I’m struggling with space issues, I look upwards and see how I can store things vertically and use wall space to my advantage. In this case, a hanging pot rack is a great solution!

  2. I really like your creative solution to a storage problem. I am actually looking to get some hooks for hanging coffee cups in the cupboard to free up more space. Personally, I do have my pots in the lower cupboard. It serves two purposes:
    1) The fan in the kitchen is where I would put a hanging pot rack. The fan is mandatory as we live in Central Texas and we have no central air conditioning and no window unit in the kitchen.
    2) Having the pots in the lower cupboard allow my elementary-aged daughters to help put those dishes away easily and reach them when they are ready to prepare something. Having them put up would not allow that.

    Now, what we did do since we had wall space was to hang up shelves on the walls. That allowed us to put things up that I would need to reach but free up more space. I use those for spices, oils, griddle, waffle iron, and my George Foreman grill, and the like.

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