Make Your Own Bottled Iced Tea

I can’t believe I never thought of this, but it’s super simple and CHEAP to make your own bottled iced tea. Hubby and I were on a diet, not too long ago, that completely cut out sugar. It was very difficult to find any bottled iced teas that didn’t contain sugar, and when we did, they were crazy expensive. I think Lipton was the only brand I found with no sugar and it was over $1 a bottle. Yikes!

Enter this fix! I purchased a pack of 24 bottles of water for $2.50, then placed a tea bag in each bottle before setting the case on our porch in the sun. I was actually a bit concerned that it might be difficult to get the teabags in and out of the small opening, but it wasn’t a problem at all. In no time, I had individual bottles of iced tea. These are perfect to grab and take along in the car when running errands and were ideal on our recent camping trip. Love it!

Making my own bottled iced tea Works for Me!

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