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Members also receive exclusive access to Build a Menu’s Dine on a Dime weekly menu and shopping list, cottage industry market place shops for handmade goods (a networking and selling platform for handmade and homemade items), wonderful new columns from The FlyLady, TheCookieLady, and the ladies of Build a Menu to name a few.

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When we launch the new Molly Green Magazine, we’ll be bringing home the bacon with a new look, new resources and a wider focus on HOMEsteading, HOMEkeeping, HOMEschooling, and HOMEindustry … the natural, homemade, simple life, from farming to growing veggies in pots on the porch to processing your own wild game!

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What types of articles can you expect to find in each issue of Molly Green Magazine? Here are just some of the categories you’ll find in every issue:

  • Ancient Ways in the 21st Century: Read how a modern man goes back to basics on his homestead.
  • The Gluten-Free Journey: Learn from a medical doctor turned homeschooling mom on her GF/DF journey.
  • Homesteader’s Bookshelf: Get reviews on the best books to help you around your homestead.
  • Build a Menu: The ladies at Build a Menu share some of their best recipes for you to use with you family.
  • Money Matters: Discover how to get the most out of your money and pass on those skills to your kids.
  • Hearth and Home: Herbs and vegetables you may have shied away from are featured with how-to-use advice
  • The FlyLady: Get organization tips from the one who knows! No more CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome)!
  • Something Old, Something New: Repurpose unused/old items just like our grandparents used too.
  • Canning: Never let food go to waste again! Learn all about canning to stock your pantry with the fruits of your labor!


Do you homeschool? You might be interested in purchasing a yearly membership in conjunction with a Molly Green membership. You’ll gain access to daily, weekly, and monthly lesson plans by expert teachers + fun, frugal tips every month from our very own Molly Green Magazine.

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