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When you purchase a Molly member subscription, you will receive a new digital issue of Molly Green Magazine every month as well as access to ALL Molly products. This includes all of my magazine back issues (2009-2013), ALL of 2014, The Old Schoolhouse Planners AND access to my 5 E-Books:

Members also receive exclusive access to Build a Menu’s Dine on a Dime weekly menu and shopping list, cottage industry market place shops for handmade goods (a networking and selling platform for handmade & homemade items), wonderful new columns from FlyLady, TheCookieLady, and the ladies of Build a Menu to name a few.

All of these resources will allow you to build your very own (massive!) money-saving library. Oh! And if you don’t agree that my magazine and resources save you BIG money, you can quickly and easily unsubscribe at any time. No muss, no fuss!

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There’s More!

New Molly members will soon be able to share videos & network & sell their handmade/ homemade items through cottage shops AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!!!

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When we launch the New Molly in January – Molly Green Magazine is bringing home the  bacon with a new look, new resources and a wider focus on homesteading, homemaking, natural, homemade, simple life . . . . . from farming to growing veggies in pots on the porch . . . . all things home industry!

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What types of articles can you expect to find in each issue of my Money-Saving Magazine? Here are just some of the categories you’ll find in every issue:

  • Many Hats of Molly: A special “hello” from me to you.
  • This ‘n’ That: Keep up with special dates, learn what’s on sale when, and be reminded of those easy-to-forget seasonal chores.
  • Begin with the Basics: Learn the basics of one new skill each month.
  • Molly Gets Techie: Tips on ways to use technology.
  • Midge & Molly: My well-meaning, yet frugally illiterate, cousin tends to find herself in the occasional money-related pickle. Read about her antics and my advice.
  • Frugal Family Fun: Going out with the family can get expensive. Check here for frugal ideas on family activities.
  • Molly the Frugal Foodie: Frugal food tips on everything from lunches, meal plans to breakfast ideas.
  • Tip of the Month: Learn helpful couponing tricks and tips.
  • Health & Beauty 101: No need to spend money on personal trainers or expensive spa treatments! Look here for simple, DIY methods on beauty and health.
  • Paper Power: Do you need paper filing ideas? What is your favorite book? Into scrapbooking and paper crafts? This section will be sure to surprise you every month!


Do you homeschool? You might be interested in purchasing a yearly membership in conjunction with a Molly membership. You’ll gain access to daily, weekly, and monthly lesson plans by expert teachers + fun, frugal tips every month from our very own Molly Green Magazine.

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2 thoughts on “Become a Molly Member!

  1. i subscribed to molly green magazine but i have lost my password. i have been having trouble finding anyway to contact this magazine. do you have an email or any contact info anywhere. really wish there was a phone number to call, i am paying for something i can’t even use. frustrated

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