Oh Deer

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Three more meats to go until my Year of the Carnivore blog series is complete!!  So far, I have accomplished 8 random meats plus today’s selection!  I never would have tried any of these meats if it had not been for writing guest posts for Molly Green on Econobusters.  Thanks Molly! :)



We are in the thick of hunting season in our area so I thought it would be appropriate to select deer for our meat series today!  Confession ~ I have never been hunting.  But, I am surrounded by a community and several family members who enjoy hunting both as a past time and as a way to provide for their families throughout the year.  In order to procure some deer meat, I just asked my next door neighbors if they had a little extra that I could use for the blog.  And… ta da… dinner is served!

Molly wrote about using deer meat or venison in a blog she posted last year about alternative Thanksgiving meals (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!).  Some of the ideas were out of this world creative… like the turducken… WHA??!!??  But, the deer chili was what caught my eye.

For this blog, I decided to forgo a chance at making deer chili and instead stick close to my friend’s recipe advice.  The last time I tried this recipe was for some elk meat she had given me to try.  I was a bit nervous and am sure I messed up the recipe a bit because this time around I enjoyed the dish more.

IMG_7089Here is the basic recipe:

½ cup of butter (plus a bit more butter for the pan)

½ cup flour

Seasonings or salt/pepper to mix in with the flour (I use this spice: DEEP PIT SEASONING)

Small package of filleted deer meat (½ lb or so)

Rinse off the small portions of deer meat with water.  Then, dip them in a bowl with the ½ cup of butter which has been melted.  Put them immediately into the flour and spice mixture and cover them fully.  After that, place them into a frying pan which has about a tablespoon or more of butter already melted in it. Make sure to add a bit more butter if needed to protect the bottom of your pan.  You can grill them at medium or medium low on the stove top.   The meat will need to cook until it is no longer pink (similar to cooking ground beef) and the flour mixture will have turned a deep brown color.  We served our deer pieces with a side of corn and some garlic herb flatbread.


I have a two more meats already selected for my upcoming blog series… but I still need ONE MORE!!!  Do you have any suggestions?

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