Pet Friendly (and Budget Friendly) Ice Melt Recipe


If you have pets that regularly go outside, you won’t want to miss this handy recipe! Ordinary “ice melt” is dangerous to pets, not to mention it can be costly if you use it a lot. I ran across this recipe not that long ago and thought it was great! We don’t have a dog but I thought I might try this mixture as we have outside steps that become quite slippery and full of ice. I also read you might try this along a walkway, or even on a driveway. Use your imagination and be creative on where to place it!

The ingredients are simple, you most likely have them on-hand:

1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol

1 teaspoon Dawn dish soap

1/2 gallon warm water

~Simply mix these ingredients together and pour over the area you wish to reduce ice accumulation.

*Disclaimer* If you’re unsure how this mixture will affect your concrete/blacktop, please be sure to test a small amount in a discreet location. Try removing any built-up ice before pouring this solution down onto steps or walkway. If there is a thick, ice buildup you may be adding to the ice and not taking away. Use and apply at your own risk.

Have you tried this mixture, did you find it worked well for you? Where did you use it and what kind of weather/outside temperature did you have at the time?

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