Prosecuting the Prosciutto

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Prosecuting Prosciutto

Most of my Year of the Carnivore meats hit me square in the face while I am shopping.  I may be looking for shrimp and find FROG LEGS or run into Tilapia while searching for frozen spinach ravioli.  Picking prosciutto was pretty much the same except I found it odd that there was a meat product in the produce section.  Interesting… of course, I had to select it!


First of all, I am glad I am not talking to you right now because I really have no idea how to pronounce the name of this meat.  Every time I try, it ends up coming out with a really bad Italian accent.  When made correctly (and pronounced correctly! Lol), I am sure that this thin pork meat is entirely delicious.  But, for the recipe I tried… I definitely give it a “thumbs down”.

After trying several different recipes over the years, I finally found the one BEST RECIPE FOR PIZZA DOUGH.   For a few months, I was stuck on trying and re-trying this dough recipe until I was sure I could almost make it with my eyes closed, one hand behind my back while whistling “It’s a Small World” (personally next time I would pick another song… just saying).  So, it naturally followed that I would jump at the first recipe that involved prosciutto and pizza.  WOW!  Now, that had to be a great combination… only it wasn’t.

I followed THE RECIPE step by step excluding the kalamata olives and even used a made-from-scratch Olive Garden copy cat recipe for the ALFREDO SAUCE (Delish!!) instead of the ricotta.  The sun dried tomatoes were such a great addition, as well.  They added just a touch of class with a super sweet and chewy flavor burst on each slice.  And did I mention the pesto yet – WOW!!  Alfredo and pesto swirled together should have their praises sung on top of the highest mountains… okay, okay, maybe I went too far.  But, it is definitely a HAVE TO try kind of taste.  The only problem was the prosciutto.


I tucked the slices of prosciutto under the cheese like recommended.  I became nervous when I couldn’t discover whether this was a precooked product or whether it was raw.  It was not refrigerated in the produce section and of course, un-refrigerated meat sort of makes me nervous anyway.  After cooking the pizza until it was way more than done, I still worried about whether the prosciutto was cooked.  In fact, I ended up just taking off the prosciutto altogether.  It tasted like a limp noodle and was not the crisp pepperoni type flavor I was hoping it would add to the pizza.

I have made this amended pizza recipe (minus the prosciutto) several times now and it is just a bit of divine in each scrumptious bite.


But, I am curious about the prosciutto… anyone have any advice on how to properly cook prosciutto?  Should I try this again?  Or maybe there is a better recipe for this Year of the Carnivore meat?


Another recipe that looks scrumptious: EASY PASTA BAKE WITH PROSCIUTTO

According to this link: PROSCIUTTO FOOD DICTIONARY I probably should not have been worried about the prosciutto being uncooked??

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