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About a year ago, my husband made the mistake of adding bleach to our colored clothes ending in a streaked clothes disaster.  LAUNDRY SCHMAUNDRY PART ONE We are still wearing our slightly bleached outfits (and we found a few more splotches on some other items) for our every day cleaning kind of clothes.  Every time I come across the worst items of the pile, I end up smiling remembering the humor of that laundry fiasco!

BUT, I have a small problem now.  I actually need to wash some white clothes and really ensure that they come out white.  Our family borrowed some white collared shirts for a special event and now I need to return them… in 100% condition.  I only have one chance to make sure I do this correctly.

The worst laundry mistakes I have ever made usually revolved around lipstick left in a pocket, an un-cashed check crumbling to pieces in the soapy water or a white shirt being washed with a red dress and turning pink.  And of course, the first thing I think about with white shirts is somehow turning it purple or pink… or bleach eating a hole into one of the shirts.  Man oh man, laundry shouldn’t be this difficult!

You can see the bleach disaster loud and clear on this ruined black shirt!

You can see the bleach disaster loud and clear on this ruined black shirt!



Molly fans ~ I need some help!!  What do you do to ensure that your white clothes stay white after being washed?  Do you use straight bleach or a combination of other ingredients?  Is there a natural way to clean your white clothes?

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2 thoughts on “Some More Laundry Schmaundry

  1. When I saw the title of the article I thought I might find the answer to the question. I too have started asking that same question. I presently use bleach, adding it to the washer first and not adding clothes untill it is at least half full of water. I would like to discontinue using bleach, but what is my alternitive? Hydrogen Proxide? Borax? Baking soda? Would love to hear some answers too.

    Midge says ~ Glad to know someone is in the same predicament I am!! Hopefully someone will pop on with an answer… or I will just have to ask Molly to share her two cents!

  2. I think the answer might be liquid bluing. I purchased some and am giving it a try for the first time. I’ll let you know how it goes. The bottle reads: Mrs. Stewart’t Liquid Bluing. Whitens White clothes Safely. Non toxic, Bio degradable.

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