Staying Frugal While Being Sick

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Ever have just one of those weeks?  One word can sum up my week so far… sick.  I am the kind of sick where your head feels like it’s full of lead and your body aches when doing small things like walking across the room or even brushing your teeth.  Who knew brushing your teeth could be so strenuous?

I am super prepared to take care of my baby daughter when she falls ill yet seem to lack the ability to take of myself when an illness strikes.  Our medicine cabinet is chock full of thermometers (yes, I have many different baby thermometers!), the blue nose bulb thingy and a variety of odds and ends that our pediatrician recommended to keep in times of sickness for the baby.  But, it is seriously deficient in the grown up medicine department.

I do not ever expect to be sick but inevitably it happens.  During those times, I find myself running quickly into the drug store for cough drops or a pain reliever.  I don’t care how much it costs; I buy it because I feel so miserable.  I would love to have a frugal plan of attack whenever one of those life draining illness hits.

What do you keep regularly stocked in your medicine cabinet?  How do you stay frugal while being sick?

Thanks everyone for weighing in!

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7 thoughts on “Staying Frugal While Being Sick

  1. I use magnesium chloride (here in Europe it is the cheap stuff to cure in and out) (can’t find it in USA bu closest is magnesium oil), then I have the charbon activé for pain in the stomach, and chicken broth for anything to regain control. No pain killer nor cough drops these are totally inefficient. For cough take a thym tea, or thym Essential oil.
    Midge Says: I never thought about having chicken broth and tea as well… Thanks for posting!

  2. Oh and I forgot garlic, there was an article just today on about it.

    Midge says: I have one friend who says garlic is her best friend if she feels an illness coming on!

  3. It seems like a lot of people will end up buying whatever they feel is necessary when they are feeling miserable. Having a few things around all the time will probably save money and allow you to stay home when you really need to.

    Midge Says: Thanks for posting! I agree!

  4. My experience has been the opposite. I wanted to be prepared for any emergency, so I kept lots of medicines in the cabinet for every need you could think of – medicines for coughs, colds, allergies, fungal infections, cuts, burns, indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, flu, headaches, diaper rash – you name it. I also had strengths for babies and toddlers, youths, and adults – dozens of boxes, bottles, and tubes in all. I found that over the years I have had to throw away unopened many expired medicines. Now I try to buy my over-the-counter meds on an as-needed basis. I think in the long run it is more economical to pay premium prices for what you need when you need it than to have so much excess go to waste.

    Midge Says: I never thought of it that way!!

  5. At the very hint of feeling ill, I take a Zinc tablet with 2-500mg Vitamin C, repeating the Vit. C every 12 hrs until recovered. Then at least twice a day or more for sore throat 1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar followed by 1 tablespoon raw honey. The vinegar and honey are natural antibiotics and will rid a sore throat of infection very quickly. Chicken broth, tea, and a warm blanket help to ease the dis-ease until a body feels better. Good Health.

    Midge Says: Thanks Debi! I think one of my issues is that I never want to admit that I feel sick until it is too late! Stopping it when it is just getting started is a much better option!

  6. I second the Zinc and Vitamin C for beginning to feel sick. I also take a Multi-vitamin, Calcium and Fish Oil. Another good one to take for tummy is Acidophilus. It helps me a lot more than I realize! If you do take garlic or fish oil, be sure to get the odor-free capsules. You don’t want to be tasting garlic or fish oil all day!
    Hope that helps you prevent illness and stay well! For colds/ sinus stuff, I like to do a sinus rinse at least twice a day, and use Afrin Nasal Spray for 3 days (only, it can be addictive), it helps with congestion and doesn’t make you feel too groggy like Sudafed.

    Midge Says: Thanks Jill for the ideas! I am so glad that I am feeling better this week and would love to “prevent a cold” rather than suffer through one! Ugh!

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