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Black Friday – Cyber Monday – Green Tuesday 

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Frugal family fun – for the birds: Frugal Friday Linky


There are many different ways to enjoy living a frugal lifestyle . . . this is a great place to learn new things, find what works and encourage one another. Below you can share the link to a post on your own blog, share a little about your frugal life and encourage others, or share a frugal Pin from Pinterest.

This linky party will now be open for the entire month of November (expiring December 1). Come and link-up to this great community of frugal followers! I’ll be Pinning away and sharing your posts ~

Link your frugal posts

Our frugal tips for the week: 

Family fun does not have to break the bank this fall!  With only a few simple ingredients and a family walk in the outdoors, you can make these easy bird treats and enjoy educational fun . . . that’s for the birds!

for the birds

It’s a great idea to hang these handmade bird feeders nearby so that you can be sure to see the feathered friends who come visit for a special treat. All that’s needed to make these is a few pine cones slathered in peanut butter and rolled in wild bird seed.

nature project

Add a little more excitement by donning binoculars and a field guide to identify the birds who flock to your yard. These treats are so affordable, you can help feed your new friends all through the winter. Be sure to get the kids involved. Other ideas to turn it into a fabulous learning experience include photographing the birds or sketching them in an art journal.

Don’t have an art journal? You can make one with inexpensive Composition notebooks and personalize them with your favorite scrapbook papers.  These simple journals make a terrific gift for a friend as well. They also make a cool new “smash book”  - crafty and frugal!

nature journals

Take notes and collect data to chart the number and types of birds in your area. Try different kinds of bird seed to see if one attracts more birds or attracts different types of birds than another.

Bird watching is a fun family activity that is not only educational and fun, but also super frugal! Cornell Lab has a wonderful FREE resource to learn more about our fine feathered friends here.

Whether you are looking for a new frugal activity or wanting to add an outdoor element to the family homeschool, all ages can benefit from the fresh air and activities that are For the Birds! 


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Molly Green Magazine: Molly the Techie & Molly the Worker Bee

Molly is wearing her worker bee and techie hat this month!

This month, Molly is all about sharing tips to help the working mom! No matter if you work at home or out of the home, all moms are busy. Wouldn’t you agree? Since the holidays will soon be upon us, you’ll also find some fun ideas on making your own Christmas letters, how to make your very own Christmas wreath, putting together your own Advent service and some great tips from Marla Cilley (you may know her as the Fly Lady!).



Let Molly Green show you how to enjoy the holiday season on a budget!

Look for all of these topics and many more:

  • This ‘n That will show you special ways to celebrate each day of November and December
  • In Begin with the Basics, Patricia Hunter discusses ways to utilize a “stop day”
  • Learn about 5 free apps and sites to make your menu planning a breeze
  • Jennifer Zuri shows you how to put together your very own Christmas wreath
  • Do you tend to get stressed out during the holidays? Check out the article by Marla Cilley (The Fly Lady) on easy ways to avoid stress this year
  • Sharon White shows you how to make a (recycled) waste paper basket
  • Gardening in the desert isn’t as difficult as you might think! The article Pamela Williams tells you why
  • Working from home can be tough, especially while raising children. Molly Recommends gives you some practical tips to make working from home a little easier

See why homemakers love Molly Green Magazine—see what’s inside!


Click here to view a sample.

Molly Green Magazine, the magazine for everyone who wants to save money! Within the pages of this delightful magazine is not only money saving tips, but also recipes, crafts and more. There’s something for everyone!

~ Laura Williams

Project Manager: Becky Schnepf- Gustafson

Contributing Writers: Rhonda Barfield, Allie Casazza, Marla Cilley, Betty Daley, Pat Fenner, Kristen Johnson, Inger Koppenhaver, Sharon Shirey, Sharon White, Pamela Williams, Jennifer Zuri

Publication: 2013
Pages: 63
File Size: 11.1 MB

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Friday Linky Party!


There are so many different ways to live a frugal lifestyle . . . this is a great place to learn new things and encourage one another! Below you can share the link to a post on your own blog, share a little about your frugal life and encourage others. This linky party will now be open for the entire month of November (expiring December 1st). Come and link-up to this great community of frugal followers!


Link your frugal posts



To share a link to your post about frugal living, use the Linky below. But first. . .

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It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas (it tends to sneak up on us, doesn’t it?).

Get excited about giving to others! Make some spectacular gifts yourself quickly and easily. Enjoy phenomenal tips to keep the holiday season stress-free as you put these ideas to good use! Return to this magazine to use them all year long.

Tucked neatly within these pages, you’ll find truly unique, money-saving gifts to warm aching muscles or provide emergency light, bringing your thoughtfulness to mind long after Christmas. Gifts to reach the heart through taste buds—from dessert to bread and snacks, or cleaning recipes you and your gift recipients will appreciate!

Comfort and Joy for Christmas is this week’s featured HALF OFF magazine!

Spend just $2.50 and save much more in time and money with superb gift ideas, scrumptious recipes, planning help, and encouragement for making the most of the Christmas season—without losing your sanity and while keeping your focus on the reason for the season, Jesus Christ!


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Super Bowl and Tail Gate Parties

The weather has turned cold and football fever has begun for some of us. With a little prep time and some warm up exercises in the kitchen, everyone can enjoy good food, festive themes, and “the game” in a big way. Keep the food simple (yet) tasteful with easy recipes that can be made ahead of time, reheated easily and ready-to-eat within minutes.

Have A Ball

Remember, back in December, when I posted my sausage ball and meatball recipes? They’re not just for the holidays! Sausage balls, spicy meat balls, and olive cheese balls can liven up any party.

Make these little tasty treats ahead time by the dozens. Store in airtight containers and freeze until needed. Simply heat and serve with an array of dipping sauces : honey mustard, Ranch Dressing, marinara, BBQ sauce, and salsa. These tasty treats are sure to score big!

It’s All About The Bowl

Last week, I shared two chili recipes that would be great to serve for a crowd. It may be cold outside but it will be warm in the kitchen! Make this party a fiesta. Stir up a big pot of taco soup, or to make things more fun, have a chili cook-off.

To do this you could encourage friends to bring their favorite chili recipe to the party. Line up the slow cookers in the kitchen, have bowls and spoons ready with a toppings buffet filled with: shredded cheese, onions, salsa, corn chips, tortilla chips, and crackers. You might like to purchase an inexpensive, brightly colored soup bowl and award the winning chili cook with a “super bowl” of their own.

Traditional Super Bowl Foods and Snacks

For some, Super Bowl Sunday means a day in front of TV with chips, chicken wings, and sub sandwiches. For others, it’s a time of good fellowship with friends and family. However you spend the day, why not spice things up this year? Instead of just a bag of chips, serve layered nachos and bring those hot wings to life with some Blue Cheese Dressing. Don’t serve the same traditional cold-cut subs. This year consider steak and cheese subs, BBQ chicken, or meatball subs. Perhaps it would be fun to create big mouth burgers infused with Cheddar Cheese and bacon!

Top It All Off With Deep Fried Desserts

Have you ever tried deep fried desserts? Try some of these delectable treats: Twinkies, Snickers, cupcakes.  You might top them with powdered sugar or home-made ice cream. Use your imagination!

How Do You Tail Gate?

Game on! Tell me how you make game day special at your house or tailgate party. What foods do you serve? Do you dress in team colors?

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Flashback Molly Monday

Flashback Monday is where I bring you “back in time” with me to previous topics discussed in my magazines. See below for ways you can access this amazing Molly Digest TODAY! Molly

Planning a road trip during the Christmas holidays? “Molly Saves! On The GO” is the perfect resource to help you prepare for the journey! Take along snacks & games, frugal ideas to help keep your pocketbook plump while on the road, motor maintenance, and many more suggestions like the Mason Jar Layered Salad. It looks simply delicious! (Is that my tummy growling?) Planning for a road trip is hard work! Let Molly help ease your load!

Even if a road trip isn’t on your horizon, you’ll find plenty useful advice this month, including frugal projects, nutritious food, financial teaching for kids, and much more!

  • Treat your family to a hearty, easy meal.
  • Brush up on the basics of grooming your pet.
  • Teach your kids about budgeting.
  • Use salvaged materials to create a useful camp stool.
  • Find out which free websites can spur you on to better fitness.
  • Mix up some homemade help for hard-working hands.
  • Check out the many benefits of using your library.
  • Get inspired to use your crafting talents for others.

If you’re a member you can find this issue by going to your member page and searching out the April 2011 back-issue.

If you’re not a Molly member, take advantage of our December special NOW! The $29 annual subscription price can be found HERE!

You can also download this individual back issue for $4.95.

Budgeting for Christmas

We are pleased to welcome Chris & Wendy Jeub as our guest bloggers this week. Chris and Wendy are the proud parents of 16 children.  Chris is the founder of Monument Publishing, a company that writes speech and speech debate curriculum. Wendy is the author of several books including : Love in the House, and Love in the Kitchen. Together, they speak at conferences around the country and write for several blogs including their own,

Budgeting for Christmas (repost from Dec 12, 2010 –
We are often asked how we “afford” Christmas, especially with so many children to “buy” for. We surprise people when we say we spend between $300 and $400 during the month of December specifically for Christmas gifts. Here are some principles we live by throughout the year to make sure we’re prepared during the Christmas season.
1. We shop all year long. If we are at a garage sale in June, for instance, we may see a great deal on a toy that we can’t pass up. Every sale we come by, we ask ourselves, “Should we save it for Christmas?” After buying it, we’ll stuff it in our closet. We have a few boxes of stuff in our closet that are “hands off” for the kids. We pull these boxes out early December and sort through them all and make a list to make sure everyone gets a gift.

2. We stick to the list. All our children get the following from Mom and Dad: 1 present, 1 book, and 1 stocking stuffer. They traditionally get up on Christmas morning to see a floor full of gifts under the tree. We don’t veer from our list; everyone gets the same quantity from Mom and Dad.

3. We emphasize gifts to each other. Mom and Dad aren’t the major gift-givers in our family. The siblings spend December making gifts for each other, visiting the dollar store, and wrapping gifts to place under the tree. Already there are about a dozen gifts wrapped and sitting under the tree. Far before we bring out our stack of gifts, the space under the tree will be packed.

4. We don’t give a lot to relatives and friends. We have nieces and nephews that we send gifts to, and they are, truthfully, a bigger part of our budget than our own kids. Friends don’t get a lot from us. We also don’t give to adult relatives anymore. We used to do this in our 20s, but we don’t do it anymore. We don’t feel like we’re missing anything, either.

5. We exchange Christmas letters. We pour a lot of time and energy into creating a Christmas letter that we send to approximately 300 families (see our post 8 Steps on How to Write a Christmas Letter). We can’t afford to give gifts to all our friends, but we don’t really feel the need to. We love our friends and we’re glad to share the Christmas season with them through letters. We take each Christmas letter we receive and tape it to the wall. By Christmas, we have hundreds of pictures, letters and cards covering our dining room wall. It is quite the conversation piece in our home. There is usually a family picture of families bigger than ours!

6. We emphasize the spiritual roots of Christmas. Gifts are awesome, and it is great fun to have the gifts stack up under the tree throughout December. We hold off on our gifts till Christmas morning. This adds to the excitement for the children, but more importantly, we spend Christmas Eve celebrating the Ultimate Gift of Jesus Christ to the world. Every child prepares a “gift” to Jesus (a song, poem, speech, picture–something of their talents), we read the Christmas story from the Bible, and we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

How do you celebrate the Christmas season without getting caught up in the expense of it all?

Get Ready To Roll! – Easy Party Foods

Well, it’s December. The Holiday Season is in full swing now. That means I better be prepared for a few parties.

Time to roll: sausage balls, cheese balls and meatballs. The whole family can get involved, it’s become a fun part of our annual traditions.

Sausage Cheese Balls

These quick and nutritious protein packed snacks are easy and relatively cheap to make. They bake quickly and can be frozen for up to three months.

The most recognized recipe is the Bisquick  sausage cheese ball recipe, but there are many other varieties. For those that would rather stay away from pork, consider using ground beef, ground turkey, or chicken cooked with sage, onion, and garlic.

If desired, use a variety of cheeses. The traditional recipe calls for cheddar. However a mixture of Colby, Monterey Jack, and Mozzarella can be used too. Most recipes call for a balance between the meat and the cheese. Some families prefer 1 part meat to 2 or 3 parts cheese. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

For a fun twist to a plateful of sausage balls, provide a variety of dipping sauces: honey mustard, spicy mustard, BBQ sauce, cocktail sauce, Ranch Dressing, ketchup, and marinara Sauce.


If the meat can be ground up, it can be made into a meatball. Over the years, chefs and cooks alike have come up with several variations on the basic ground meatball. The Italians like to add pork, Italian sausage, and veal to their meatball mixture. Swedish Meatballs have been a main dish on family tables for generations. Those that like to spice it up have added jalapeno peppers into the mix.

Basically though, meatballs are easy and cheap to make. Don’t buy the pre-made frozen ones at the grocery store unless there is just no time to cook. Find a meatball recipe that works for the family. Make several batches,bake and then freeze family size portions in freezer bags until ready to use. Meatballs can be enjoyed as snacks or appetizers. They make great sandwiches and of course they always go well with pasta.

Basic Meatball Recipe:

  • 1 lb ground beef, pork, turkey, chicken, sausage, or a blend of desired ground meats
  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • 1/4 cup onion, finely chopped
  • 1/3 cup breadcrumbs
  • 1/4 cup ketchup
  • salt, pepper, and season to taste depending on the flavor desired


  1. Mix ground beef with beaten egg, bread crumbs, and seasoning. Mix well
  2. Add onion and ketchup until well blended.
  3. Shape into 1″ balls and place on a large sheet pan. Cover the pan with foil or cooking spray for easy clean up later.
  4. Bake at 350°F for 15-20 minutes. Let rest and cool completely before serving or bagging for the freezer.

For a gourmet twist on traditional meatballs, roll meatball mixture around a small piece of Blue Cheese or a cheese cube of Colby, Monterey Jack or Mozzarella. It’s like a wonderful explosion of flavors in your mouth!

Olive Cheese Balls

This is a tangy, cheesy, party appetizer straight out of the Betty Crocker archives. For generations, mothers, grandmothers, and aunts have made this their traditional holiday snack. It’s definitely not low in calories, but it’s oh-so-good!

It’s an easy recipe of butter, cheese, and flour shaped and formed into a dough. That dough can be rolled into balls or sticks. Shape it into anything desired. Don’t like olives? Try mushrooms in the center or a cheese cube or even a mini meatball. Again, be creative.

More Holiday Appetizer Ideas

This is the time of year when finger foods are really fun. Appetizers don’t have to be extravagant and expensive. Flavor a block of cream cheese with chives. Shape it into a ball and roll that ball in chopped pecans, slivered almonds, or walnuts. Use it as a centerpiece for a plateful of various crackers, breads, and chips.

That same cream cheese can be spooned onto wonton wrappers and baked or fried quickly for a light snack. Other traditional appetizer recipes include: pigs in a blanket and cocktail sausages served with flavorful dips and sauces.

Each year, there’s always something new to try. What are your holiday party favorites? What new and fun party favorites have you found? Go ahead, share your recipe. Let’s keep this party hopping!