Guest Post – Five Fun Ways To Make Some Extra Cash This Summer

beautiful blond kid blow dandelion outdoorSummer is here and with it comes wonderful things like days at the beach or in the pool, summer sports and hopefully a vacation or two. However, all of those things cost money and for most of us finances are especially tight in the summer. We’re not working as much because the kids are home and customers aren’t buying as much because they are busy with their families.

So what’s a mom to do? She’s got to get creative! Here are a few ideas on how you might be able to bring in some extra cash this summer while still maximizing time with your family.

Mom’s Summertime Taxi

Most of us moms are out-and-about with our kids each day anyway, so why not offer a service to friends, neighbors and maybe acquaintances that work full-time or have even busier schedules than you to tote their kids around, too? Calculate how much you’ll need to help cover mileage and gas and then charge a small fee to each family. You’ll earn a small income and they’ll save time and hassle by letting you help.

Organize a Garage Sale

Garage sales are one thing, but let’s think outside the box here. What if you organize a neighborhood or church-wide garage sale? This can be a great way to not only make some extra money (last summer I made enough to make a car payment!) but to get rid of that junk sitting around collecting junk in your basement.

Write an Ebook

If you’ve ever dreamt of writing, there is no better time than the present to bring that dream to reality. Write that short story or novella (or full length novel if you’re up for it) and sell it on Amazon. You can list your book for free, they simply take a small percentage of your sales. Be sure to invest a little in yourself by using a professional editor. Your book will get higher reviews, and therefore better sales, because of it.

Give Lessons

Are you hiding a talent that everyone else would die for? Give piano lessons or cooking classes, teach tweens to sew help seniors learn to use a computer. Whatever your talent is, there is most likely a group of people out there that would love to learn from you. A friend of mine runs a cookie company and she recently branched out and began offering cookie decorating classes. She hosts them in her home, right at her kitchen table, and it’s been a huge hit.

Sell Your Homegrown Stuff

Is your garden overflowing? Consider selling some of those beautiful veggies or herbs from your garden. Put an ad out on or offer them up from a booth at your local farmers market. Or, make it even simpler and spread the word in your neighborhood that you have produce for sale.

There are so many ways to bring in a little extra income this summer. By using your skills and what you have around the house, you can help fund all those trips to the swimming pool or help save up for your family vacation. There’s no end to how creative we can be when we set our minds to it.

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Works For Me Wednesday~ Me? Camping?

To Do List

It seems spring is a time of planning . . . plans to garden, plans of fix-it projects to be completed and plans involving a family vacation. Vacation can sometimes be an intimidating word to families. You might hear the word vacation and think “expensive”. You might hear the word vacation and know you can never get a big chunk of time off from work. Whatever you think about family vacations, they don’t have to be long or expensive. Doing a little investigating now can help your vacation planning go much more smoothly.

Have you ever considered camping? A series of short, weekend camping trips spread throughout the summer can offer a vacation-like feel and you might get around to some places within your state you haven’t seen yet.

The NATIONAL PARK SERVICE has a great site with a lot of information. You can search out parks BY STATE and even get your children involved in the National Park Service’s free, on-line Junior Ranger program (WEBRANGERS). RESERVE AMERICA is another great site to get information on camping (and other great tidbits!).

So while you’re planning things to accomplish this spring/summer, why not add in a camping trip or two? Do some of the preparation now and you can enjoy some fun (and frugal) family time. Did you know I wrote an entire E-Book devoted to camping? Check it out HERE if you’re interested in more frugal tips and hints to help make your future camping trips fun and successful!


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Large Family Vacation Ideas


Planning a vacation or a Spring Break getaway? That can sometimes be difficult for a large family, let’s explore some frugal travel options.

Family Vacation

Plan ahead, anyone traveling with children must plan ahead. Even if it’s a simple family-friendly vacation to visit the relatives, you might like to start planning two to three months in advance. For a big family vacation, plan a year or more in advance. Many resorts and cruise lines have deals for early bookings, allowing families to save money.

Family Vacation Time in the Low Season

Taking a family vacation during the “off” season is another option to help to save money. When everyone else returns to work or school, vacation cities and resort towns look for ways to fill empty hotels and vacation homes. Large family vacations may be cheaper if planned in early fall or right after Christmas.

Vacation Accommodations for Large Families

Staying in a hotel can be the biggest expense for a large family. Since most chains limit how many people can stay in a room, this usually means that two or more rooms will be needed. Places like Comfort Inn or hotels ending in the word suite, (Embassy Suites, Homewood Suites), are family-friendly and usually have hotel rooms for big families at reasonable rates.

Look at alternatives to staying in expensive hotels. Many large families go camping or own an RV. Consider buying a large family tent, pop up camper, or RV. Good deals on camping equipment can usually be found right after Christmas and after hunting season.

If camping won’t work for your family, consider renting a vacation home. Many resort locations offer the rental of a nice vacation home for around a $100 to $150 a night. However, renting a vacation home usually requires a minimum of a five-night stay.

Theme Parks 

For many families with children, a family vacation destination is often a theme park like Six Flags, Sea World, or Disney World. With a little planning, it is possible to enjoy a day at a theme park with a large family. As vacation season approaches, start looking for special deals, discounts, and group rates to the parks of your choice. Many national grocery store chains offer season passes to local amusement parks for just a little more than a one day pass!

State Parks and National Parks

Vacation destinations are sometimes planned around the locations of state parks and national parks. Every state has several parks to choose from. These parks offer camping and RV sites. A few offer the use of covered shelters and air conditioned cabins. This is a cheap alternative to an expensive hotel. Campground fees vary, but it would be rare to spend more than $80 a night even for the best accommodations. There are many fun, family activities to do while staying at a state park. Most state parks offer swimming, fishing, and hiking.


Molly Goes Camping & Molly Saves on the Go!

Need a few more ideas? Check out my e-books Molly Goes Camping and Molly Saves on the Go. Both of these are full of resources for family travel and recreation on a budget.

Do you have a family trip planned this year? Where are you going and what frugal tips have you planned to the save while traveling?

Molly Green Magazine- Molly the Frugalista

Calling All Frugalistas in February . . . 

Super-saving is the hat Molly dons this month 



The newness of the year is wearing away as we enter February. Now we’re faced with the remnants of our holiday spending as well as new expenses we may incur over the next eleven months—braces, glasses, family vacation, car repairs, illness, educational materials, and so on. The list seems to grow every year. Don’t tackle it alone or without a plan . . . Molly and friends are here to help!

Strategy and planning are key words this month as we’re given lots of information to consider with regard to our family’s health care. We will learn to improve our skills in the areas of finance, shopping, decorating, pets, and more. Want to get out of debt and stay out? The answer is not in the latest self-help book. Hint: It’s in a book you already have that is filled with truth and inspiration!  If you’re curious, read further for more tidbits of what’s to come. Get a head start by allotting time on your busy calendar for reading the February issue of Molly Magazine. You’ll be glad you did!


  • Check Alayna Cann’s calendar first thing to see which day you should serve ice cream for breakfast and which day to cheer up your favorite grouch!
  • Molly will share what she has found to be the key to living debt free. You may be surprised to find it at your fingertips.
  • Living on a dime is closer to reality than you might think. Candy Foote provides five strategies that you can’t ignore.
  • Saving money is in the mix of this issue—Molly reveals how to stir it up!
  • Liven up those dead spaces in your home with tips from Molly.
  • Inger Koppenhaver shows the reality of debt-free living with real-life stories from a business owner and a hobby farmer, plus six tips to tap into for financial freedom.
  • Have a pet that could use a new bed? Don’t buy it—make it. Sharon White gives you step by step instructions using an old pair of jeans. Pictures provided.
  • Turn less into more with Molly’s stretching and cutting tips—from improving your bank statement to sparking family time imagination.
  • Ever used the word “affordable” in the same sentence with “doctor” or considered alternative health care? Now you can with Rhonda Barfield’s informative article.
  • Credit cards have you drowning in debt and losing sleep? Rhonda Barfield offers an approach you may want to consider.
  • Get smarter about using your smart phone with Molly’s shopping apps.
  • Did you enjoy part one of Rhonda Barfield’s article on health insurance alternatives last month? Then you won’t want to miss part two in February!
  • Molly and Midge share great advice on dealing with those everyday disasters that affect our finances.
  • Molly fans share their own tried and true tips on frugal living.


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Project Manager: Dena Wood, Becky Gustafson.

Contributing Writers: Alayna Cann, Patricia Hunter, Becky Gustafson, Rhonda Barfield, Inger Koppenhaver, Dena Wood, Sharon White

Publication: 2013

Pages: 78

File Size: 11MB

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Camping can be simple and inexpensive!

There’s no time like now to start living your dreams. Perhaps camping is part of that discovery for you and your family. And you know, vacations don’t have to be expensive! There’s no more frugal way to enjoy a family vacation than what you’ll read about here in Molly Goes Camping.

Don’t miss out on all the fun! Whether you love to camp, are thinking about camping, are afraid to camp, or don’t think you even want to camp—there’s something in this book for you! Be inspired to take a fresh look at the great outdoors, learn some skills for successful camping—and then you decide!

The experiences shared in this book are priceless!

These are real stories, submitted by real Molly readers—typical, bold, fearless camping families—sharing their expertise along with many entertaining and heartwarming stories. But there’s more!

Who is Molly, and what does she know about camping?

Molly Green isn’t a money-saving expert, but she’s a mom just like most of us, trying to learn how to make the most of what she has. She’s been helping the typical homemaker to climb out of the doldrums of today’s economy with her reputable website and popular, monthly E-Book series: Molly’s Money-Saving Digest.

Low-cost vacations aren’t new to Molly, and you’ll appreciate her thrifty enthusiasm and all the investigative fieldwork she’s done to bring you this unique camping resource.

Be prepared for your next outdoor excursion. Here’s a glance at the wealth of information you’ll find when you order Molly Goes Camping today:

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  • Answers to your camping questions.
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  • An extreme RV makeover.
  • Camping inspiration, motivation, and more!

Take a look at some of the 23 chapter titles found in the table of contents:

  • Pursuit of Perfection: Building Memories From Real-Life Stories
  • Living on the Wild Side
  • Camping Stew
  • Family Camping Mishaps Equal Family Camping Fun
  • Camping: Affordable Family Adventures
  • Camping: Where to Start, Where to Stay
  • Top Ten Ways to Make Enemies of Your Fellow Campers
  • Calming the Chaos When Camping With Kids
  • Preparing for Camping
  • Making the Space Your Own: Remodeling an RV
  • Dehydrating: How to Get Started
  • “Mom, There’s a Snake Under the Tent!” and Other Infamous Camping Escapades
  • Dear Camp Counselor
  • Lessons From the Boy Scouts
  • Enjoying God’s Nature: Shedding the “Stuff”
  • Grandma Anne’s Tried and True Tricks of the Trade
  • Feeding My Family While at the Lake
  • A Week of Lunch Menus for the Campsite

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