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Enjoy a copy of this wonderful FREE Ebook by Jennifer White!

These tales of God’s Extraordinary Love will inspire and delight you, as you are reminded of how much our Father God loves you!
Description of the E-book:

This short book is filled with eighteen real life problems that were given to God in prayerEach problem was met with the incredible power of God. Each victory reminds us that God is alive. God hears. God moves on behalf of His people when they call out to Him for help.

God’s love for you is extraordinary! Be encouraged. God is Who He says He is. He is proving it all around us. We can depend on Him. He and His Word are alive and active. He is aware of you and your needs.



Join with me in celebrating this God Who is faithful to each of us. Let these accounts of His faithfulness fill you with hope.

God is listening to you. God wants you to discover His giving, shepherding nature.

God Answers Prayer. 

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Bio Jennifer White

Jennifer O. White is an author, speaker and encourager to those seeking a life of hope, peace and confidence. You are invited to join her on a brave life, marriage, and world-changing adventure with Jesus at her blog: Prayerfully Speaking, and her free E-bookPrayers Spoken, Lives Changed: God’s Extraordinary Love in 18 Ordinary Lives. Check out her upcoming book for new brides here.
Jennifer O. White

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Prayers Spoken, Lives Changed: God’s Extraordinary Love in 18 Ordinary Lives

Inspiring stories to help you grow and enjoy a closer walk with your Creator – who loves you so!
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Frugal Friday~ Linky Party

There are so many different ways to live a frugal  lifestyle . . . this is a great place to learn new things and encourage one another! Below you can share the link to a post on your own blog, share a little about your frugal life and encourage others. Be sure to come back each Friday and link-up to this great community of frugal followers!

If you get my Friday newsletter, you most likely read Midge’s question about my idea(s) for little ones whose fathers will be away on Father’s Day (if you don’t get my FREE newsletter be sure and subscribe via the sticky note in the upper right corner). Read below to see my response.  Molly

Frugal Friday Linky Party - June 7, 2013 |

Dear Midge

I love your idea about putting little handprints/footprints on the back of a t-shirt. . . what a cute way to see how those kiddos grow each year! I think technology can really help for those whose fathers can’t be with their children on Father’s Day. My children love to Skype family members who live far away, this is just one option where technology can help connect people. Most smart phones have a video chat option, does yours? Another way technology can help keep family members connected is to take digital pictures and send them via email or text message. For example, if you are at the park with the children why not take a few pictures of them playing or even some video? You can then send those digital images to a loved one so they can see the kiddos “in action.”

For those children (young or old) who want to honor the memory of their father or grandfather, it might be fun to prepare his favorite meal or dessert for the family. While eating Dad’s favorite dinner (or Grandpa’s favorite cookies) the family might like to sit around and talk about some of their favorite memories of that person. Food and great stories, what a great combo!

Speaking of cookies, I think I’ll whip up a batch of Grandpa’s  favorite oatmeal raisin cookies today! :)

Love ya, Molly


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Sneak Peek Monday~ HALF OFF SALE!

Living frugally doesn’t have to be overwhelming or hard. . . take a sneak peek into my GARDENING BASICS AND NATURAL CLEANERS magazine today! For THIS WEEK ONLY we will be offering this back issue for ONLY $2.50 (price adjustment will be reflected upon checkout)!

Make Do and Do Without

My grandmothers could both tell lots of stories from those days. If you are blessed to have a living grandmother, be sure to spend this precious time with her and ask her about her days as a young wife and mother.

You will learn so much and be so inspired. Both sets of grandparents in my family could vividly recall the Victory Gardens and raising small animals in their backyards. They all lived in the Los Angeles area, so this as accomplished on their suburban lots. My maternal grandmother used to laugh every time she told the story about the day she decided she, herself, was going to kill the chicken for dinner. She had watched my grandfather (who had been raised on a farm in Texas) expertly break the chicken’s neck in one swift movement. She figured, if he could do it, why couldn’t she? Well, she tried and tried to swing that chicken around and snap its neck, just like my grandfather, but the unfortunate hen’s neck never broke! To everyone’s horror it just got longer! They finally had to do the poor creature in with an ax.

I would highly recommend the book We Had Everything but Money, published by Reminisce Books (1992), if you want to be both inspired and humbled at the same time. One man told the story of how his neighbor cut own every tree on his lot to supply firewood for the folks in his neighborhood for the winter. Another woman recalls how her father used his savings to buy flour, spaghetti, and dry beans. He planted hundreds of tomato plants and her mother canned over 100 quarts of tomato sauce. They ate spaghetti every single day for a year! Women made quilts to sell, sold baked goods door to door (one of my daughters made good money doing this one summer), and weren’t too proud to ask others if they could glean from their fruit or nut trees. I have canned all my neighbor’s peaches in exchange for half the fruit. I always have canned peaches on my shelf even though I don’t have a peach tree!

I know our situations are not as desperate as they were back then, but many of us do live on very tight budgets. Our culture does not make it easy for a woman to stay home. Most of us have husbands who work  very hard to bring home a paycheck. Don’t we owe it to them to be as frugal as we possibly can with the money they provide? Maybe we can adapt some of the thrifty sense our grandmothers had to our lives today…


For more of this article on making something new out of something old, CLICK HERE to purchase Gardening Basics and Natural Cleaners as a single issue (this week is HALF PRICE).

Molly members already have this magazine in your member page! Simply click the “Molly Members” tab above, log in, and search out February 2009.

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The Tale of Two Pavlovas

Midge copyGuest Blog by: Midge


Over a year ago, I found a wonderful looking recipe called “Pavlova” in a magazine. I was intrigued with this fluffy tutu looking dessert and it’s connection to the story of the Russian ballerina, ANNA PAVLOVA, for which it was named. The ingredient list was short and included items which can readily be found in our pantry and fridge. So on a whim this past Monday night, I decided it was time to create this dessert.

Train wreck comes to mind when I think about the comedy of errors which occurred while I collected the main ingredients. Our sugar had mysteriously vanished so I called my Dad to borrow a couple of cups. Why did he have to run over to my house? Did I forget to mention my car battery was dead?  OIY!

As I went to crack my eggs to begin the extracting the egg whites, I realized that I had mistakenly grabbed the hard boiled eggs. By the way, I forgot I had planned ahead. I had made hard boiled eggs and they just happened to be the only eggs in the house! My husband, who had just passed by Dad pulling out of the driveway, walked in from work, and then turned right around to make a quick trip to borrow some eggs.

As I waited for him to return, I made whipped cream from scratch. Yes, this was my first time. No, it is not supposed to look like soup.  Sorry you will see no pictures of this mess . . .  ugh.

Earlier, I had viewed a video with step by step instructions to create the Pavlova dessert. By the time my husband returned, I had hidden the failed whipped cream concoction in the refrigerator and was ready to whip up some eggs.

This was the best part of the recipe. It worked just like the video said it would and I felt confident we would have our dessert by the end of the night!

Somehow, everything went horribly wrong after I added the rest of the ingredients to the whipped egg whites. My Pavlova, which by now I have discovered is just like a meringue with no pie, did not “peak”. In fact, it didn’t even “peek”. It was liquid-y and looked nothing like the video. I mixed it by hand then put it in my KitchenAid stand mixer to mix it. I even convinced my husband to help me mix it. No change to the consistency at all,  it was just one big liquid glob.

The end result was more like a crispy, toasted marshmallow cookie instead of my idealistic fluffy Pavlova.

Midge's Cookie-like Pavlova

Midge’s Cookie-like Pavlova

Molly's Fluffy Tutu Pavlova

Molly’s Fluffy Tutu Pavlova

So, I sent Molly a HELP text! She gave me a few useful hints. Like: were the eggs at room temperature and did you know you can purchase a ready made meringue powder which may help? The next night, she created the Pavlova, complete with some awesome pictures, to help me show you what it was supposed to look like!

Guess what- it may have been a Midge “fail” but Molly’s example makes me definitely want to try again! Doesn’t it look delicious? Although my husband said, “good is good” and my opinion is “sugar is sugar”, I still desire to someday have my fluffy Pavlova tutu and eat it too. For now, I will take Molly’s word for it and dream about it from afar!


Have you tried to make Pavlova or a meringue? Any hints? Do you have stories of failures or successes in your kitchen? I would love to hear about them!   


Tale of Two Pavlovas


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Freebie! The Seasons on Henry’s Farm: A Year of Food and Life on a Sustainable Farm [Kindle Edition]

MGM_Molly's Pick of the Day_freebie_graphic (1)

This E-Book is wonderful!

It’s filled with stories, recipes, and photos!


The Seasons on Henry’s Farm: A Year of Food and Life on a Sustainable Farm [Kindle Edition]


*As always, Kindle freebies are free at the time of posting. Be sure to check the price before purchasing.*


First Class Meal on the Titanic

Midge copy

Year of the Carnivore Blog Series

Guest Post by: Midge

I am very intrigued with the RMS Titanic and the stories about the passengers on the boat on that fateful day of April 15, 1912 when the Titanic sunk after colliding with an iceberg. Recently, DRIVE THRU HISTORY posted a copy of the original first class menu of the Titanic and my curiosity was piqued once again. I started to also research the other meals provided on the Titanic for the lower decks and decipher what some of these recipes were all about? You can view the first class menu on this link:  TITANIC FIRST CLASS MENU FOR APRIL 14, 1912

lamb chops

For my “Year of the Carnivore” blog series, I chose to recreate the mutton chops, served to 1st class passengers, in honor of the 101st commemoration of the tragic sinking of the Titanic. Mutton is described as an older sheep which many may find odd tasting. I selected some locally-raised lamb chops instead. Never having cooked or eaten lamb before, I really had no idea how to even start planning this meal and serving these chops to my husband. I was grateful the grocery store actually carried this meat and the price was about $4 for each lamb chop, which I was told was a very large bargain.

I have enjoyed each and every meat I have tried to cook this year, yet none of them captured my taste buds like lamb. The aroma of the lamb while it was cooking was simply wonderful and yet at first, I was still a bit shy about tasting my finished product.  After my “just so-so” recipe with the tilapia last month, I was worried that my first trial with lamb would also be my second true recipe “bomb”.

A wonderfully helpful woman at our local grocery store shared her family recipe with me. She allowed me to share her recipe with all of you today. Without her assistance into my wide-eyed lamb ingredient spending spree, I would still be searching the aisles for mint jelly and some odd spices I have never heard of before!


Lamb Chops grilled the old fashioned way:

Butter, basil, garlic, rosemary, and black pepper

I know, I know, I give you absolutely no amounts!!! It was actually the best part of this recipe! I threw a stick of butter into my pan and put about 2-3 cloves of minced garlic (I love garlic) into the pan to marry together with the butter. Then, I placed the lamb chops into the melted butter and spread a bit of basil, rosemary, and black pepper on top of the chops. I let them cook until browned on medium to medium low heat. Then, I turned them over and again sprinkled a bit more of the spices on the back side. But, don’t overdo it! You can always add more spices and you can always add a bit more butter to your pan if you need it too.

Here is a link which will help you to know when your lamb is done cooking:  LAMB 101

It was super delicious! I served it with a side of baby potatoes which had been steamed in butter & garlic, and covered in cheese sauce.  I bought  pre-made bag. I know, I cheated. But, the night I was cooking, I could only handle one made-from-scratch dish at a time. The potatoes were just the right side dish to set off the flavors of the lamb.

IMG_4961Mint Jelly-

About a week later, my husband surprised me by taking me out for dinner. Guess what? I actually ordered lamb off their menu (see first picture above for my view at the table)!! It was delicious and came with a side of mint jelly. Um, I was not sure what to do with the mint jelly but it definitely did not seem to go well with my lamb. I made one big discovery during the meal, I must have done something right because the tastes were very similar.

IMG_4169The potatoes added just the right touch!

For an added extra I was going to make “COCKIE LEEKIE”, which was one of the soups they had listed on the First Class menu that evening, as well. This is a chicken soup which has leeks added in with a julienne of prunes too. But, after a randomly terrible experience with a five onion soup involving way too many leeks and a house that smelled like onions for a week, I decided I would just stick with the lamb.

Because, if you really think about it, why were they serving “leek” soup on a boat anyway?  ;)

If you are interested in trying to cook through the Titanic’s Menu in memory of the 101st anniversary of this tragic event, click on this link for more detailed recipes and descriptions: MAKING THE 11 COURSE TITANIC FIRST CLASS DINNER MENU. They also make a great recommendation for a book that provides a bit more background into the meals aboard the Titanic: LAST DINNER ON THE TITANIC

Have you ever seen a Titanic Historical exhibit? What captures your attention about this piece of history?

May’s Year of the Carnivore installment ~ What should I make next? I am open to suggestions! 




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Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to say “I love you!” There are simple, creative ways to show loved ones how much they are appreciated without spending a lot of money.

Do you know the history of Valentine’s Day?

There are many stories and legends surrounding the story behind Saint Valentine. Valentine was known to be a Catholic priest who was performing secret marriages without Emperor Claudius II’s approval.

When the emperor found out, he had Valentine put to death on February 14th 269 AD. The night before his death, Valentine sent a note to his loved one and signed it, “From Your Valentine.” Over 200 hundred years later, Pope Galasius instituted the celebration of Valentines Day in 496 AD to commemorate the day that St. Valentine was martyred.

Practical Ways to Say ” I Love You”

Give your loved one a special gift without spending a lot of money. Here are a few ideas:

  • Buy a set of candles, bubble bath, or potpourri.
  • Bring home dinner and a movie.
  • Arrange for a babysitter,  for your children to go to Grandma’s house or somewhere else for the night.
  • Forgo eating out: save money and cook dinner at home.
  • Clean the kitchen after cooking dinner for your wife.
  • Bring home your spouse’s favorite ice cream.
  • Leave post it notes with words of love and affection in various spots throughout the house.

Red and Pink Construction Paper and Doilie Heart Valentines

Those who were born in the 1970s or before might remember creating simple Valentines from red and pink construction paper, paper heart doilies, and remnants of lace, foil, tissue paper, or whatever was on hand.

School children made Valentine boxes from recycled shoe boxes or a grocery paper sack. Wives wrote love notes to their husbands and stuck them on his pillow, the bathroom mirror, or in his lunch sack with his sandwich. Husbands may have arranged to take wives to a movie or out to dinner so she could have a night off from her domestic duties.

Why not get back to those days of yesteryear when things were more simple? Let’s be sure to remember that it is the thought that counts.

There are thousands of trinkets and cute little gifts that are available and can purchased from local retail chains. However, gifts from the heart may be more graciously received and treasured for years to come. Why not give a gift that comes straight from the heart?

Do you have a creative way to show loved ones you care? Do you like to prepare a special dish or dessert that says, “I Love you?”

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Molly Green Magazine- Molly the Frugalista

Calling All Frugalistas in February . . . 

Super-saving is the hat Molly dons this month 



The newness of the year is wearing away as we enter February. Now we’re faced with the remnants of our holiday spending as well as new expenses we may incur over the next eleven months—braces, glasses, family vacation, car repairs, illness, educational materials, and so on. The list seems to grow every year. Don’t tackle it alone or without a plan . . . Molly and friends are here to help!

Strategy and planning are key words this month as we’re given lots of information to consider with regard to our family’s health care. We will learn to improve our skills in the areas of finance, shopping, decorating, pets, and more. Want to get out of debt and stay out? The answer is not in the latest self-help book. Hint: It’s in a book you already have that is filled with truth and inspiration!  If you’re curious, read further for more tidbits of what’s to come. Get a head start by allotting time on your busy calendar for reading the February issue of Molly Magazine. You’ll be glad you did!


  • Check Alayna Cann’s calendar first thing to see which day you should serve ice cream for breakfast and which day to cheer up your favorite grouch!
  • Molly will share what she has found to be the key to living debt free. You may be surprised to find it at your fingertips.
  • Living on a dime is closer to reality than you might think. Candy Foote provides five strategies that you can’t ignore.
  • Saving money is in the mix of this issue—Molly reveals how to stir it up!
  • Liven up those dead spaces in your home with tips from Molly.
  • Inger Koppenhaver shows the reality of debt-free living with real-life stories from a business owner and a hobby farmer, plus six tips to tap into for financial freedom.
  • Have a pet that could use a new bed? Don’t buy it—make it. Sharon White gives you step by step instructions using an old pair of jeans. Pictures provided.
  • Turn less into more with Molly’s stretching and cutting tips—from improving your bank statement to sparking family time imagination.
  • Ever used the word “affordable” in the same sentence with “doctor” or considered alternative health care? Now you can with Rhonda Barfield’s informative article.
  • Credit cards have you drowning in debt and losing sleep? Rhonda Barfield offers an approach you may want to consider.
  • Get smarter about using your smart phone with Molly’s shopping apps.
  • Did you enjoy part one of Rhonda Barfield’s article on health insurance alternatives last month? Then you won’t want to miss part two in February!
  • Molly and Midge share great advice on dealing with those everyday disasters that affect our finances.
  • Molly fans share their own tried and true tips on frugal living.


See why homemakers love Molly Green Magazine—see what’s inside!


Click here to view a sample.

Molly makes it fun and easier to be frugal! Think about it—with so much to learn and save, if you apply just one money-saving idea, you’ll recoup the cost of this E-Book right away!

Project Manager: Dena Wood, Becky Gustafson.

Contributing Writers: Alayna Cann, Patricia Hunter, Becky Gustafson, Rhonda Barfield, Inger Koppenhaver, Dena Wood, Sharon White

Publication: 2013

Pages: 78

File Size: 11MB

Need to economize? Subscribe to a Molly Membership!
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Every month, Molly has a wealth of information and support to share in one easy-to-read, handy resource! Discover for yourself all of the exciting and imaginative ideas Molly has to offer—ideas that could save you big money and needless headaches!
You’ll glean some of the best inexpensive ideas and projects for everyday living that you can find and be inspired to be self-confident, creative, and resourceful too.
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Build a Better Budget for the New Year

Did you overspend last month? Last year? Have you been overspending longer than you can remember?

It seems hard to stay on a budget these days as prices are on the rise. Could you use  a few tips on setting up a budget that works, offers some “breathing room” and allows for savings when those unexpected expenditures pop up?

Know Your Monthly Income

First, you must know your monthly income. If you haven’t begun tracking your income and expenses, now is a good time to start. Next, make a list of all your recurring expenses starting with mortgage, utilities, phone, TV and internet. Add in any other monthly bill such as music or dance lessons, insurance, gas & groceries. It’s a good idea to make allowances for savings and entertainment or eating out. Even if you are only able to add in a small amount each month, it will eventually add up!


If you are not currently saving, try to make that a number one priority right along with paying bills, the mortgage and buying groceries. Dave Ramsey, one of the nation’s leading economic experts, suggests that all families have at least three month’s worth of savings. That means if your family spends $3000 a month on everything, to be safe and secure, it is recommended that you have $9000 in savings just in case you need it. This may seem like an overwhelming task, but the most important thing is to just begin. It may take quite a bit of time to get your savings up to a number that size but if you don’t start, your money can’t build.

It’s important to still have fun while you are living on a budget and as you try to put some money into savings. Look for frugal ways to have some fun with your family. Take strolls through the park, enjoy a picnic or check out a DVD from the library for a family movie night. It’s important to take time out to rest, relax and enjoy the little things in your life! Constantly working and not taking a break may cause you to become overwhelmed and stressed out.

Debt Free

I’d like to encourage you to focus on paying off debts as quickly as possible, if you have them. When you carry debt, you are paying interest. Even if you have a car that happens to be financed, you are most likely paying for additional insurance. Living within your means may seem like a challenge. You may need to focus on asking yourself if you really need a certain item vs. simply wanting it. Can you save for that special item and eventually pay cash for it? Challenge yourself to spend/save money in a new way in 2013.

Try not to use credit or finance things. Try to wait, save, buy used and pay cash. Living debt-free may be a difficult task at first but the longer you do it, the easier it may become.

Cut Cost When and Wherever Possible

Try to cut costs where ever you can, try these areas first: entertainment, groceries and gas. Is it possible to decrease your minutes on your phone plan? Do you need two cars? Do you need that specific size cable package?

Keep crunching the numbers and try to cut out all unnecessary expenses until you are able to achieve a balanced budget. Challenge yourself to stick to that budget and try to save a little bit more each and every month.

We’d love to hear your budgeting stories! Please tell us about your family, how many members in your household, your financial goals and ways you are able to stay on a certain budget. If you could give one piece of advice concerning budgets, what would it be?

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Midge’s Top Ten for 2012

Guest Blog by: Midge

Writing for Molly Green Magazine has been a bit like writing “Midge’s Online Journal”. I began to look back over the past year and was astounded at all of the projects that I have tackled in the kitchen and in my home.  While I still feel a bit clumsy in the kitchen and sometimes find egg shells in my brownies, I really feel as if my freshman year in homemaking has been completed!!

My husband and I focused a lot of our time and energy this year on our 2012 New Year’s resolution to not use credit cards, pay down our debt and **try** to set aside money for an emergency fund. It has been a difficult road to take but definitely rewarding at the end of the year to know that we worked hard at achieving this goal. I wrote up a list of my favorite “journals” or guest blogs from 2012.  It was fun to remember all of the trials and errors in my kitchen throughout the year!

What do you think I should tackle next in 2013? What should our new resolution become? I would love to have a focus for my blogs for the year… should I cook my way through Molly’s recipes? Should I take a basic cookbook and tackle one recipe at a time? Maybe you, as the reader, can choose my kitchen destiny this year! Veggies, fruit and conquering debt last year, this year????



Top Ten Favorite Things for 2012

10. Cooking Odd Veggies ~ I really enjoyed getting to know a few odd veggies this year! And every time I went to the store, I sought out more veggies to try and figure out how to cook. Here are a few of my veggie articles:

Bok Choy


Spaghetti Squash


9. Pomegranate seeds and chocolate… do I need to say more? ~ My newest love!!!

8. Mini – EVERYTHING ~ While Christmas did not bring more mini things to my collection of kitchen mini, I still am hoping to add a few new items in the new year!  Maybe some mini dipping bowls with mini spoons?

7. My new pot after my other one sort of melted ~ I never did get another double broiler but my new sauce pan has worked out nicely! I discovered a super easy caramel product that just heats in the microwave! No more broken elements or melted pans!

6. My favorite seasoning which I use on EVERYTHING is Deep Pit Seasoning. Although I enjoy the kind that is salt free, my sister loves the salted one! It is a really great seasoning to use on just about everything and especially since I can’t seem to remember which salt and pepper shaker to use!

5. Random Kitchen Toolsnow that I know what they are (thanks everyone!). See if you agree with everyone’s comments about what each random kitchen tool in my kitchen should be used for!

4. Saying “No” to Credit!

How not to “cut” your budget

Have the urge to splurge?

Do you have a one track frugal mind?

A celebration over polka dot dresses!

Ever made an impulse buy that left you with a headache of regret?


3. Baking pies (WOW, who would of thought I would say that!)

From Failure to SUCCESS finally!

2. Chinese Food ~ Oh how I love my comfort food!!! Chinese noodles with sweet and sour chicken…yum! And I am still dying to try Molly’s ideas for Chinese food at home!

1. And of course, Molly Green Magazine!!! I have learned so much by reading the different articles, back to basics step by step recipes and crafty ideas! My friend recently stated how many great ideas they are gathering from Pinterest… I wanted to remark back that all of my great ideas come from Molly Green Magazine!  My top three favorite stories  to share with you this year…

Top Ten Things NOT to Do During HolidayMeals from the July 2012 Molly! Yes, I really did get yelled at for switching an egg…

Here is another one from August 2012 ~ how I earned my first pair of cowgirl boots.

October 2012’s Molly Magazine was all about beans! And I just couldn’t stop thinking of the good old espresso bean! There is even a super great recipe for espresso brownies AND great ideas from Molly about how to make your own fancy espresso drinks from home!  (Molly’s bean art was pretty inspirational, as well!)

Super excited for next year’s Molly Green Magazine themes… remember there is only a few more days left to get the fantastic year of Molly Magazine offer!!!