Tricky Tilapia

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If I conquered a lobster and nearly locked down the Duck a l’Orange recipe, how hard can cooking tilapia really be? OIY! First of all, there is the name ~ Tilapia. I had to ask about three different people how to say the name of this fish before I thought I really had mastered pronouncing it. I almost named the blog, “that one fish whose name I couldn’t pronounce”.

Once I got the hang of saying the name, I started saying it over and over again to my husband. I am making “till-la-pea-ah”.  Do you want some “Tilapia”? Hey, Honey, we are having tilapia for dinner. After awhile, I think he started wishing I still couldn’t pronounce it (hee hee).


I scoured the Internet for recipe ideas. At the start of this tilapia (see I said it again) adventure, I was bound and determined to find a tortilla-encrusted tilapia recipe. But, alas, it was not to be. All of the recipes I found called for way too many ingredients I would have to purchase. Remember, one of my rules of thumb when cooking specialty cuisine is to limit the amount of my outside purchases. I can purchase the meat but need to find most of the other spices and ingredients in my cupboards.

The recipe I selected to try was Parmesan Encrusted Tilapia. I found it here: PARMESAN ENCRUSTED TILAPIA. It also called for homemade or store bought Alfredo sauce. I used this recipe: OLIVE GARDEN COPY CAT ALFREDO SAUCE. I have prepared this Alfredo sauce before and it is super yummy!

Disclaimer: Tilapia is not hard to bake. It is really delicious and I am not a big fan of fish . . . really, not a fan. One of the reasons I picked this meat to attempt for my carnivore blog is because when I walked by it in the store I said, “I could never made that.” Rats, I knew I was “in for it” the moment that phrase left my mouth.

Now, you have read my disclaimer, here is the short story of a meal gone wrong:

  1. Whoever said pride goes before a fall was spot on! I got prideful in my cooking skills and did not check the recipe before buying my ingredients. I bought whipping cream instead of heavy cream for the Alfredo sauce. It was still edible but I think it changed the flavor a tad bit in a negative way. Bummer.
  2. Last time I made the Alfredo sauce, I melted the cream cheese in the microwave and then added the creamy melted goodness into the sauce. This time I didn’t. You can see the pictures. Chunky cheese was still floating in it even after it had cooked thoroughly. Sigh…
  3. The tilapia (I just love saying that word) recipe, which I selected, left me hanging when it came to sharing precise details about the “encrusted Parmesan” part. I also forgot to add the olive oil to the Parmesan/bread crumb mix. But, that part sort of confused me anyway.
  4. Instead of the veggies which the recipe suggested, I made spaghetti squash to serve with the tilapia. I have made this veggie before (See SPAGHETTI SQUASH) but had never added Alfredo sauce to it before. Um, and now I never will again. Ever.
  5. The actual tilapia fish was WONDERFUL. The “crusting” part was not so wonderful and the side dish was the  worst of all.

In retrospect, I still have tilapia left. I only spent $15 dollars on a bag of individually frozen fish. We used four fillets and that was about 1/3 of what the bag held. This meal is WAY more economical than my previously mentioned duck. In comparison to the lobster, you get more meat on your plate for the money you spent.

My mom used to make the most delicious crumby chicken. I think that crumb mixture added to the tilapia would make a much more scrumptious offering. It’s time to call my mom to get her part of this recipe idea!


Have you ever made tilapia? Do you like saying the name as well? Ha ha ha :) I am excited about the next meat in my carnivore blog series ~ lamb chops! Do you want to join me in this new cooking adventure! The next carnivore blog will be featured on the first Thursday of next month. So, leave me a comment and grill some lamp chops with me!! I would love to hear all about your cooking adventures!

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4 thoughts on “Tricky Tilapia

  1. LOL at your “adventure”. I cook tilapia because it is very mild tasting and my husband likes fish for dinner, but I am sensitive to strong smells.
    Anyway, my “weird” moment with Tilapia came while at the local zoo. We were watching the Hippos through the glass and there were LOTS of really big fish swimming all around it. There was some hay in the water, and well…some other stuff from the hippos. Then the zoo employee comes up to me and says do you know the name of that fish? And I was like, And she said Tilapia. We love it here in America, but we rarely see it in its whole form. So….um…haven’t cooked it since actually :/

    Midge says: I can totally picture the hippos and fish… LOL!!! Love that! And I understand not wanting to revisit this dish after your experience. :) Thanks for sharing Heather!

  2. Tilapia is the only fish my picky kids will eat. I fix it with garlic, butter, lemon, and rosemary. I either bake it in the oven or gently cook it in a skillet on the stove top. I am going to try fixing it on the grill with some foil next week.

  3. My family loves Parmesan Crusted Tilapia, but it sounds like I use a different recipe than you do. With mine, you brush a couple tablespoons of Guldens Spicy Brown Mustard on each side and roll the fillets in a mixture of panko bread crumbs, salt, pepper, paprika and any other spices you might choose. Then , spray the tops of the fillets in the baking pan with a garlic butter cooking spray and sprinkle with real Parmesan cheese that is grated. I don’t use any kind of sauce at all with it and my 6 and 10 year old love it.

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