What’s Bugging Midge?

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Wasps, Flies and Other Nuisance Bugs ~ Natural Solutions

My husband travels a lot for work.  This means the job of eradicating bugs from this house has become my duty.   This is not my preference as I have never had an easy time with anything creepy crawly (especially… scorpions).  But, flying nuisance bugs likes wasps and small fruit flies (you know, the gnat like insects that sometimes take a ride into your home on fresh fruits) have become the toughest bugs to eliminate!

What's Bugging Midge

The last time I tried to conquer a wasp in my house was a bit crazy!  I am a bit on the short side and the wasp was dive bombing our heads from the dining room light.  The fly swatter was just not going to work!  I ended up grabbing a broom in one hand while holding back my child with the other hand.  The whole thing ended up with me getting the wasp stuck on the broom, screaming like a little girl (oh yes, I did…) and literally throwing my broom out the back door slamming the wasp and the broom out in the cold.  The wasp survived (WHA??!!??), my nerves survived and more importantly NO ONE was stung.  I felt like a real hero… we just won’t mention that part about the screaming, right?  LOL

Wasp Chat ~ My three big ideas about wasps in our house…

  1. Fix the Problem: Maybe I should fix our bent screen door?  It has probably let in about 75% of all the wasps who have snuck into our house in order to scare the daylights out of us.
  2. Identify the Location of the Nest:  My first idea when spotting the creepy wasp was to guide it through the back door.  But, you know sometimes that plan just lets in more of his friends (see #1).  We really need to identify if there is a nest near the back door and take care of it. And when I say ”we”, I mean ”he”… as in my husband can tackle that job!  Seriously, who am I kidding here!  If there is no nest near your home or in a spot of danger for your family, move on to #3.
  3. Naturally repel the wasps away from the house.  At a recent event, I had a friend who was even more timid around wasps than I am.  A few lazy wasps had gotten into a room and she brought out orange soda and a mason jar.  I am not sure where she learned about this idea but amazingly the wasps stayed closed to the jar and away from the area where we were going to be.  By the end of the event, I believe she had even caught a couple in the soda.  (See below for another natural way to trap wasps).

Natural Bug Repellant/Traps

With having a wee one in the house, I often worry about using chemicals, sprays or other store bought measures to take care of bugs.  This past year, I have asked Molly a couple of bug “HELP!” questions through the newsletter.  I have used the ideas she shared here: NATURALLY ABOLISHING GNATS AND FLIES many times.  We had a small gnat issue awhile back and by using the mason jar/vinegar trick, the gnats in my house went extinct.   She also gave some detailed advice about dealing with the dreaded MOSQUITO.

This natural wasp catcher: HOMEMADE WASP TRAP looks easy and effective.

Are Ants and Cockroaches a problem in your home?  Try #30 on this link: Baking Soda Help!


Have any other hints on how to naturally repel bugs?  Ever had a wasp experience like mine?  LOL I would love to hear it!

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One thought on “What’s Bugging Midge?

  1. Because I can a lot, I have fruit fly issues. I take my little glass vinegar bottle (narrow neck), fill half full with cider vinegar, put a narrow neck funnel in top and wait. It works really well.

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