Works For Me~ Bathroom Organization: a Tutorial


Below are cheap and simple daily routines for keeping the bathroom clean, as well as several ways to organize using recycled containers and items you may already have on hand. Here are just a few more tips and ideas that work in my home. I’ll admit right up front that I’m a mom and writer, not a beautician; here’s what works for me.

After years of buying one skin care product after another and having all manner of tubes and jars and bottles to juggle, I now use two simple, healthy, and relatively inexpensive products. My “day moisturizer” is 99% pure aloe vera gel. (It comes in a tube.) My “night moisturizer” is coconut oil. (It comes in a jar.) Guess what—it works just as well on my face as it does on my heels and elbows. Two products, both simple and without long, unpronounceable ingredient lists, handle all my skin care needs. Oh, and I use healthy homemade soap from a friend for everything—no separate specialty facial cleanser.

My point is this: Save time, money, and space by simplifying and buying fewer products! Here’s an storage idea we’ve recently implemented for bathroom products: look for  shoe storage racks at yard sales—they can be used so many places! Another thing we’ve been doing is rolling our towels for storage instead of folding them. It really works—takes much less room in the closet, and stays neater longer.

Install inexpensive hooks at the kids’ level, so they can hang their own towels. Teaching them how to clean up after themselves and take responsibility in the early years really pays off down the road. Make it easy for them to succeed. Hanging their towels on low hooks is much easier than trying to drape them neatly over a high towel rod—and much better than leaving them in damp piles on the floor!

Keep things off the counter, or at least put them all in one basket that can be easily lifted to wipe the counter down. You’re much more likely to keep the counter clean if you don’t have to move a dozen objects first!

One last thing—the typical bathroom under sink cabinet could really benefit from an extra shelf or two. See what you have on hand. Sometimes making an extra shelf is as easy as setting a plastic container or crate on its side, so things can be stored inside and on top.

Organized bathrooms works for me! How about you? What are your tips/tricks to keeping an organized bathroom?

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2 thoughts on “Works For Me~ Bathroom Organization: a Tutorial

  1. My hubby is a typical man and often can’t see things that are right in front of him. So, last time I re-organized our bathroom closet, I put labels on the shelves, baskets and walls to point out where things were (shampoos, soaps, suncare, first aid, etc). I have to admit, it helps me too! Molly says, “Thank you for sharing!”

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