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It seems spring is a time of planning . . . plans to garden, plans of fix-it projects to be completed and plans involving a family vacation. Vacation can sometimes be an intimidating word to families. You might hear the word vacation and think “expensive”. You might hear the word vacation and know you can never get a big chunk of time off from work. Whatever you think about family vacations, they don’t have to be long or expensive. Doing a little investigating now can help your vacation planning go much more smoothly.

Have you ever considered camping? A series of short, weekend camping trips spread throughout the summer can offer a vacation-like feel and you might get around to some places within your state you haven’t seen yet.

The NATIONAL PARK SERVICE has a great site with a lot of information. You can search out parks BY STATE and even get your children involved in the National Park Service’s free, on-line Junior Ranger program (WEBRANGERS). RESERVE AMERICA is another great site to get information on camping (and other great tidbits!).

So while you’re planning things to accomplish this spring/summer, why not add in a camping trip or two? Do some of the preparation now and you can enjoy some fun (and frugal) family time. Did you know I wrote an entire E-Book devoted to camping? Check it out HERE if you’re interested in more frugal tips and hints to help make your future camping trips fun and successful!


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One thought on “Works For Me Wednesday~ Me? Camping?

  1. Entertaining kids during a camping trip can not only ease the pains of a child that claims they are “bored,” but it helps create lasting memories for everyone in the family. Camping allows us to step away from the everyday responsibilities like work and school and helps us to spend time growing in familial and spiritual areas of life. I encourage you to plan your next camping trip soon and make time for the truly important things in life.

    Molly says: “Agreed!”

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